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Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth received her BA in geology from Occidental College in May 2009. As an undergraduate, she studied tectonic geomorphology and apatite fission-track thermochronology. In the summer of 2008, Elizabeth participated in a NSF-REU program at Mesa State College, where she studied the incision history of the upper Colorado River. She participated in a Keck Geology Consortium summer program, which took her to western Mongolia for four weeks. This fall, Elizabeth will start her PhD at Yale University as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, where she will work on topics related to climate change and landscape evolution. While at AGI, Elizabeth will focus on topics related to natural hazards, energy policy and climate change. She is looking forward to exploring a new city and gaining a new perspective on the importance of the geosciences.

Elizabeth will attend Yale University in the fall of 2010 in pursuit of an advanced geoscience degree. (08/10)

Publications while at AGI: Earthquake Preparedness: Avoiding Catastrophe By Acting NowThe Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2010

Elizabeth Huss

Elizabeth is entering her junior year at the State University of New York at Geneseo, where she is working on her bachelor degrees in Geology and English. After taking an environmental science class to fulfill a general education requirement in her freshman year, she became interested in the geological sciences and has not looked back since. Lizz looks at the internship with AGI this summer as an opportunity to combine the skills she has learned in her two majors, along with a chance to consider her career choices. She is eagerly anticipating the research she will be conducting next winter on her trip to Death Valley with faculty and students from the Geneseo Geology department. For now, however, she is excited about exploring Washington, DC, even if it means leaving her beloved Adirondacks for the summer.

Publications while at AGI: Collective Amnesia: The History of Oil Spill R&DThe Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2010


Kiya Wilson

Kiya is a rising senior at Oregon State University, where she is an Earth Systems Science major. Kiya participated in the NSF-REU program at Oregon State, where she studied glacial-interglacial climate variability as recorded in coastal margin marine sediments. She has continued the work as an undergraduate thesis and has presented her findings at GSA and AGU conferences. Kiya travels to us directly from Svalbard, where she has spent the past six months studying high arctic climate change and glacial hydrology. In her free time, Kiya loves backcountry skiing, spelunking, and photography. Kiya intends to pursue graduate work in polar climate studies, and is eager to spend the summer in DC learning how her future scientific work can best impact policymaking.

Kiya graduated from Oregon State and will begin her PhD program at Penn State in the fall of 2011. She will study subglacial hydrology with Dr. Richard Alley. (04/11)

Publications while at AGI: Unable to Break the Ice: U.S. Arctic Policy and Law of the SeaThe Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2010

Maureen Moses

Maureen Moses is in the final stages of completing her Masters degree from Central Washington University on the petrology of basalt lavas from the 1646-1669 eruptive period at Mount Etna in Sicily with Dr. Wendy Bohrson. She received her B.S. degree in 2007 from San Diego State University and completed her senior thesis with Dr. Victor Camp with a minor in Religious Studies. While at SDSU she was a volunteer for Scripps Institute of Oceanography aboard a P.L.U.M.E. research cruise which studied the Hawaiian Mantle Plume using seismic tomography. In summer 2004 she participated in a NSF-REU internship at Carnegie Institution of Washington. She attributes all of these experiences to shaping and refining her scientific interests, and has thoroughly enjoyed the adventures they provided. Maureens policy interests include Natural Hazards and Public Health, Climate Change, STEM education, and the controversy surrounding the teaching of evolution in some regions of the country. Maureen was born and raised in San Diego, and enjoys travel, exotic food and music, and bocce ball.

Maureen is currently a program assistant in education/outreach at the American Meteorological Society (6/10).

Mollie Pettit

Mollie just finished earning BS degrees in both geology and mathematics from West Virginia University. She has done geology Research Experiences for Undergraduate internships the past two summers, first at Virginia Tech then at the University of Colorado. Although she most recently comes from WV, she lived in the Midwest for most of her life and is excited about living near a big city for once. Mollie has little experience with public policy and is looking forward to the knowledge and experience she will gain from this internship opportunity.

Mollie graduated from Stanford University with a Master's degree in geology - concentration hydrogeomorphology - in the spring of 2013; her thesis focused on water driven slope instability and coastal erosion. (Updated 1/29/16)

Publications while at AGI:
Pettit, M.M. Geothermal Projects Gather $team. AAPG Explorer, Dec 2009.

Joey Fiore

Coming from Boston, Joey has just completed work for BS degrees in geology and history from Northeastern University. During his time there, he helped conduct research on the red tide blooms in the Gulf of Maine during the 2006 fishery shutdowns, using core samples to determine population densities during the fall and then monitoring the bloom the following spring. Additionally, Joey served as Northeastern’s Student Body President and in the school’s production of Guys and Dolls. He is a regular columnist for The Professional Geologist, and has been involved with AIPG for several years. While in Washington this fall, Joey plans on studying, and working to improve, the way in which science is communicated to the public. This winter he is moving to California, where he will work for a year before pursuing graduate school.

Publications while at AGI:
Fiore, J. Carbon Capture and Sequestration: The Preferred Solution of Policy Makers. The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2010.

Rachel Potter

Rachel received her BA in Earth Sciences from Boston University and recently completed her MS in Geology from the University of Maryland. Her MS research in geochemistry focused on the Bushveld Complex of South Africa. In June she will present her thesis work at the Goldschmidt conference in Switzerland. Rachel is now devoting her time to understanding geoscience policy in Washington, especially at this time of transition and change in DC.

Publications while at AGI:
Potter, R. Policymakers Making Waves About Ocean Acidification.The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2010

Potter, R. Energy Department Seeks to Spark Scientific Innovation.EARTH Magazine, Nov 2009, pp. 28


Stephanie Praus

Stephanie graduated in May from the University of Michigan with a BSE in Earth Systems Science and Engineering, concentrating in climate physics. During college, she studied the feasibility of incorporating the agriculture sector into a California carbon cap and trade market, and the mechanisms communities are using to adapt to climate change. She also worked for the Michigan Environmental Council in 2008, tracking state and federal legislation related to environmental issues. She will be starting at the University of Maryland in the fall to pursue a Master’s of Public Policy, concentrating in environmental policy. Stephanie is originally from Buffalo, New York. 

Publications while at AGI:
Praus, S. Will Nuclear Power Grow in a Low Carbon Economy?The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2010

Praus, S. Mining Reform on the Table, Again. EARTH Magazine, Oct 2009, pp. 25

Stephanie graduated from UMD and is now back in Washington, DC as an analyst at International Technology and Trade Associates. (9/11)

Clint Carney

Clint comes to AGI from Colorado where he has spent the last few years working towards an MSc degree in hydrology at the Colorado School of Mines. Clint earned his BS in geology and environmental studies at Iowa State University and an MS in geology at Northern Illinois University prior to working professionally as a hydrogeologist for a multi-agency groundwater modeling study of the High Plains aquifer in Nebraska. Clint is also a registered professional geologist in the state of Nebraska.

Publications while at AGI:
Carney, C. Water Gets Attention in Congress. EARTH Magazine, Aug 2009, pp. 26

Clint is currently a hydrogeologist for a consulting company in Denver, CO. (8/09)

Merilie Reynolds

Merilie has just finished earning a BA in geology from Smith College in Northampton, MA. Her field experiences during her time at Smith include monitoring stream water quality and quantity in a Costa Rican cloud forest and studying the geology of a copper-zinc deposit in rural Mexico. Both projects raised her awareness of how scientists can contribute to the social, economic, and political issues related to their research and she is excited to pursue that interest during her internship. Merilie grew up in rural Wisconsin and she is excited to take advantage of all the big city opportunities DC has to offer, including the thriving Ultimate Frisbee community.

Merilie is currently working in exploration geology for Barrick Gold in Winnemucca, Nevada. (8/09)


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