RFG 2018 Conference


Sargon de Jesus

Sargon will graduate from Brown University with a Bachelor's degree in geoscience and comparative literature before coming to the summer internship. He plans to head back to Rhode Island to complete his Masters degree before considering a career in geoscience policy. He has conducted field work in Fish Lake Utah and Mt St Helens. Sargon is bilingual (English and French), proficient in Spanish and has acted in seven theater productions at Brown. He is originally from inside the Beltway and a graduate of Washington-Lee High School in Virginia.

Publications while at AGI: 
de Jesus, S. Independent Review of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: How Oversight May Help the Flow. The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2008

Sargon completed his Masters in Geology at Brown in 2008He appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 2009 and currently works as a technical writer (03/10)

David P. McCormick II

Dave has just completed his sophomore year at Marietta College in Ohio where he is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in geoscience. He is originally from Fredonia, New York and is interested in becoming a petroleum geologist when he is finished with the internship. Dave spent 2 weeks in the Utah desert conducting field work with paleontologists and sedimentologists and then presented his work at a Geological Society of America meeting. He is an avid weightlifter and also a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.

Publications while at AGI: 
McCormick, D.P. Carbon Capture and Storage: Congress Calls on Geoscientists to Lead the Way, The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2008.

Dave is attending Marietta College in Ohio. (8/08)

Paul J. Schramm III

Paul has just completed his Masters degree in geoscience at Notre Dame, after getting his Bachelors degree at Kalamazoo College in his home state of Michigan. After the internship, Paul intends to pursue a degree in environmental health, where he can use his thesis work on metal-water interactions to deal with human health issues that intersect with geology. He is also a roller coaster enthusiast and world traveler, who has studied for one semester in Cairo and visited many other far flung locations.

Publications while at AGI: 
Schramm, P.J. Earth Science Education: Left Behind and Looking for Advocates, The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2008.

Paul finished Graduate school in public health at Emory University. He is now a Public Health Scientist Presidential Management Fellow at the Coordinating Center for Environmental Health and Injury Prevention, one of the four coordinating centers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (8/09)

Rachel Bleshman

Rachel, sponsored by AGI and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation, has arrived for the furious finish of the 109th Congress, which will likely continue their work through the dark and cold days of December this year. Rachel graduated in May 2006 from Wesleyan University of Connecticut where she received a BA in Earth and Environmental Science. After four years of field trips and an exciting geological cross-country trip this summer, she is ready to experience how public policy and geoscience connect to affect our country.

See photo with 2007 AIPG/AGI Summer Interns.

After working for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, a DC law firm, and Vice President Joseph Biden, Rachel is now studying law at Tulane University. (07/11)

Jessica Rowland

Jessica Rowland earned her BS in geosciences and anthropology from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and is currently finishing a Master's degree in isotope geochemistry from the University of Arizona. Her research involves reconstructing broad-scale climatic and environmental variation in western Israel through the use of stable oxygen and carbon isotopes in fossil tooth enamel from archaeological sites. While at AGI, Jessica will be following legislation related to climate change, environmental policy and other issues.

Publications while at AGI: 
Rowland, J. Is Carbon Dioxide a Pollutant?, The Professional Geologist, Nov Issue 2006.

Jessica is working at the University of New Mexico on education and sustainability.

Carrie Donnelly

Carrie is a Master's student at the University of Washington where she conducts research on the uranium-series chemistry of lava from the ongoing eruption of Mt. St. Helens. During her stay in Washington, DC, Carrie will focus on science education policy, emergency management and other issues

Publications while at AGI: 
Donnelly, C. American Competitiveness: A Focal Point for Cooperation Between Industry and Academia, The Professional Geologist, Nov Issue 2006.


Jenny Fisher

Jenny earned her BS in planetary science from Caltech last June and will be returning to school next fall to begin graduate studies in atmospheric chemistry at Harvard. She has recently returned to the US after spending the past six months teaching in London. While at AGI, she will be following legislation related to American innovation and competitiveness, the FY07 budget,and the reponse to Hurricane Katrina, among other topics.

Jenny received her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry from Harvard University and is currently working there as a Postdoctoral Fellow(09/11)

Peter Douglas

Peter graduated with a bachelor of science degree in geology from Pomona College in Claremont, California in May. He spent the summer working as a Geological Society of America GeoCorps volunteer in Oregon.

In December of 2005 Peter went to Namibia to teach English, science, and math for a year. See his blog. (08/07)


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