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AAPG: Interview with Noble Energy's Henry Pettingill on "Innovative Thinking for Deepwater Success"

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The American Associaition of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Learn Blog published an interivew with Noble Energy's Geology and Exploration Manager, Henry Pettingill. With many noteworthy deepwater discoveries in the Levant and Leviathan fields in the Mediterranean, AAPG asked Pettingill to share what has led to these successes.

EARTH: Hidden Double Earthquakes Spells Trouble for Tsunami Warning Systems

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck Chile on Jan. 2, 2011, or so scientists thought. Now, with increasing sensor sensitivity and advances in the quantitative analysis of earthquakes, scientists have revealed that this quake was actually a doublet. This meant that instead of just one massive quake, two similarly large earthquakes struck very near to one another within seconds. The closely spaced doublet was missed by global monitoring networks during the initial aftermath of the quake, and, as EARTH Magazine explores, it presents a major challenge to earthquake and tsunami warning systems. Experts agree this is a challenge that must be brought to the forefront of seismic research.
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