Minerals in Montana - MT Bureau of Mines and Geology Announces 2017 Symposium

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Symposium Flyer
The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology announced its 2017 Symposium will happen in October, 2017. It is billed as "a forum where professionals, students, and amateurs interested in mineralogy and economic geology can share knowledge about mineral occurrences in the northern Rocky Mountain Region." The announcement can be downloaded from this post. For more details visit:

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Latest Geoscience Currents highlights state geological survey publications

Geoscience Currents #115
Yesterday, the AGI Workforce Program published Geoscience Currents #115 - "State Geological Survey Publications: Reaching Beyond State Boundaries." Many publications from state geological surveys are featured in the Critical Issues Research Database, which is maintained by AGI's Critical Issues Program.

Indicators of K-12 Geoscience Education

As part of our effort to enhance geosciences education awareness, the American Geosciences Institute collects science education data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and summarizes the data into reports at the elementary and secondary levels. The data and reports are available here. The data and reports provide geosciences education indicators pertaining to teacher preparation, curriculum, instruction, learning contexts, extra-curricular programs, monitoring systems, and accountability.

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