RFG 2018 Conference

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How do geologists find mineral deposits, and what happens after the mines close? What is a critical metal, and where are the deepest mines on earth? Find out how we mine and process minerals above and below ground in our mining fact sheet.

William Smith

Known as the 'father of English geology', William Smith worked as a surveyor, building canals and draining marshes in England during the Industrial Revolution. Although his humble background was not typical for a scientists of his day, he is now famous for revolutionising the study of geological time, stratigraphy, and creating the world's first geological map of a nation. Find out how he created his famous 1815 geological map in our factsheet.

Water Hardness

Have you ever noticed that tap water tastes different depending on where you are? Have you ever seen a white coating inside your kettle or the shower head, or found that the shower gel won't lather up? All these effects are caused by differences in the 'hardness' of the water. This factsheet was written for teachers and a general audience as part of the BBC ‘Terrific Scientific’ schools initiative.


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