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Utah's Renewable Energy Zone Assessment

Unlike many states, Utah is blessed with its own diverse array of energy resources. Fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, have been used for a century or more to heat our homes, power our lights, and build a thriving community and industry. Due to local resource abundance and decades of developing an energy infrastructure (i.e., power plants, pipelines, and transmission), Utah’s energy rates are among the lowest in the nation. Utah’s inexpensive electrical energy production and consumption portfolio is fueled primarily by coal and natural gas.

Are energy resources available in Utah to meet its future electricity needs?

Utah’s year 2000 electricity usage was met by coal (94.5%), natural gas (2.8%), hydroelectric (2.2%), geothermal (0.4%), oil (0.1%), and a small amount of solar energy resources. However, with current generating capacity soon to be eclipsed by growing demand, the question being asked by industry and government officials is: what energy sources will provide electricity for Utah in the future?

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