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Dividing line: The past, present and future of the 100th Meridian

In 1878, John Wesley Powell first advanced the idea that the climatic boundary between the United States’ humid East and arid West lay along the 100th meridian, which
runs from pole to pole and, today, cuts through six U.S. states. But what does it really mean, and what is its future?

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oncolite (on'-co-lite). A small, variously shaped, concentrically laminated, calcareous sedimentary structure, resembling an oolith, and formed by the accretion of successive layered masses of gelatinous sheaths of blue-green algae. It is smaller than a stromatolite and generally does not exceed 10 cm in diameter. Also spelled: onkolite. Cf: catagraphite.

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“It’s startling to know there are individuals on the brink of adulthood who have spent their entire lives in a climate that, largely due to human activity, is vastly different from the one their parents experienced growing up.” – RACHEL LICKER, a senior climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a research and advocacy group, after learning that last year was one of the warmest on record. (New York Times quote of the day, Friday, January 18, 2018.


Popular Week of January 19, 2018

Down to Earth With: Fire meteorologist Craig Clements

Not many people are able to combine their work and hobbies the way Craig Clements, a meteorologist at San Jose State University in California, has. “I was always interested in mountain weather,” he says. “I got into meteorology through my interest in mountaineering and climbing.”
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