Geoscientists in the Finance Sector

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Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 51 mins
Series: AGI Webinars

In this webinar, three geoscientists from the finance sector discuss their career paths, give an overview of their work environment and daily activities, and provide some tips and advice to students and graduates who are interested in pursuing similar career paths.

Geoscientists in the Finance Sector

Following the presentations, there is an open discussion period in which audience members from around the world to ask questions of the speakers.

Our speakers include:

  • Mr. G. Warfield "Skip" Hobbs, 2011 President of the American Geological Institute; Managing Partner of Ammonite Resources, Energy & Mineral Advisors
    "Geology in the Finance Sector"
  • Dr. Craig Jarchow, Managing Director, Pine Brook Road Partners, LLC
    "Creating Energy Companies: Private Equity from a Geoscientist’s Perspective"
  • Mr. Gregory B. Jansen,  Managing Director, Commonfund Capital, Inc.
    "From Rocks to Stocks - The Evolution of a Geoscience Career"