Internships and Fellowships

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See below for AGI's internship and fellowship opportunities! 

Workforce Department Internship Opportunities

The AGI Workforce Program tracks the supply and demand of geoscientists by collecting original data and analyzing existing data from Federal and industry sources, in order to inform the geoscience community of workforce trends and issues through regular reports.  The Workforce Program also engages the next generation of geoscientists by supporting student recruitment at the college level and by communicating with students, faculty, and non-academic professionals about making the transition into the geoscience workforce after graduation.

In each summer and sometimes fall semester, we offer 12-week, paid internships for undergraduate or graduate geoscience students. Internships are held in the AGI headquarters in Alexandria, VA.  Interns will work with social science and education research data about geoscience workforce trends. Tasks include data collection, data entry, analysis, interpretation and development of materials and deliverables for various projects.  Students will also work on website development, connecting the geoscience community through social media and generally aiding with Workforce Program efforts that support the geoscience community.

Geoscience Policy and Critical Issues Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

  • William L. Fisher Congressional Fellowship: AGI offers the William L. Fisher Congressional Fellowship, an opportunity to spend 12 months (starting September of each year) in Washington working as a staff member in the office of a member of Congress or a congressional committee. The fellowship represents a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the federal legislative process and make practical contributions to the effective and timely use of geoscientific knowledge on issues relating to the environment, resources, natural hazards, and federal science policy. Prospective applicants should have a broad geoscience background and excellent written and oral communications skills. Although prior experience in public policy is not necessary, a demonstrable interest in applying science to the solution of public problems is desirable. Applicants must have a Ph.D. at the time of appointment and must be a member of one of AGI's member societies, a list of which is available here.

For more detailed information about the Geoscience Policy and Critical Issues internship and fellowship opportunities, please visit AGI's Geoscience Policy page!