Preparation and Importance of Non-Technical Skills

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Geoscience Non-Technical Skills
Geoscience Non-Technical Skills
In AGI's and AAG's Geoscience Career Master's Preparation Survey, faculty were asked how prepared they feel their Master's students are regarding 28 non-technical competencies. Students were asked how much preparation they've received in their Master's programs for these non-technical competencies, and non-academic professionals were asked how important these are to employment in their current positions. Of the 28 competencies, the following graphs show trends in five selected non-technical competencies.
In Geology, faculty indicate that 22% of students are "Extensively Prepared" in critical thinking skills, 17% of students feel they are "Extensively Prepared", yet, an overwhelming 83% of non-academic professionals indicate critical thinking skills are "Very Important." In Geography, faculty indicate 14% of students are "Extensively Prepared" in time management skills, 31% of students feel "Extensively Prepared", more surprisingly, 36% say they feel only "Somewhat Prepared" or "Not Prepared." However, 75% of non-academic geographers say time management is "Very Important."
This is the fifth in a series of seven Currents disseminating results from the AGI and AAG Geoscience Career Master's Preparation Survey. For more information about this research, its outcomes and resources available to departments, please go here