What Types of Positions are Master's Students Pursuing?

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Monday, March 16, 2015
Types of Geology Positions
Types of Geology Positions
  • Types of Geology Positions
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AGI's and AAG's survey asked faculty how often their Master's advisees in Geology or Geography programs secure different types of positions post graduation. Students were asked how likely they were to consider these career choices . Non-academic professionals, whose highest degrees are Master's, were asked which best describes their current positions. Academia includes employment within K-12, 2-Year colleges or 4-year institutions, government positions include local, state, tribal or federal and the private sector includes industry or self-employment. 

Over 70% of non-academic geologists are employed within the private sector, whereas less than 14% of non-academic geographers are employed within the private sector.  Over 40% of geographers have secured employment in a government position. This is compared to only 22% of geologists who are employed within the government.  Both Geology and Geography Master's students hope to secure positions in government, with  over 67% and nearly 75%, respectively, indicating "Likely" or  "Very Likely." 

This is the third in a series of seven Currents disseminating results from the AGI and AAG Geoscience Career Master's Preparation Survey.  For more information about this research, its outcomes and resources available to departments, please visit here.