Basics of Seismic Petroleum Exploration for New Hires

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GOLI Course: Basics of Seismic Petroleum Exploration for New Hires

This course is intended as a basic review of seismic prospecting methods for locating and extracting oil and gas global resources. It begins with a review of world hydrocarbon reserves, production and consumption, as well as overall goals and methods which apply to petroleum exploratory efforts. It then concentrates on the specific importance of the seismic method in the modern search and development of these reserves. This course will take about 10 hours to complete.

The course contains two parts, Part I and Part II, which are broken into 10 sections of content. Within each section, learners will have to complete course assessments. There is also a mid-course reading and writing activity, as well as a final exam after section 10.

The course presenter is Robert Font, Ph.D.


  • American Institute of Professional Geologists