Best Practices in Mineral Resource Estimation and Reporting

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GOLI Course: Best Practices in Mineral Resource Estimation & Reporting. Image courtesy of Abani Samal

Construction of a computerized model to estimate mineral resources is a common practice in mineral exploration projects and mining operations. Many times a technical report is done as per international reporting standards such as NI-43-101 or JORC to meet the requirement of certain stock exchanges in the world. In all these standards, there are certain minimum suggested requirements that have to be met for reporting mineral resources and reserves. The standards are not and cannot be prescriptive. However, irrespective of standards of reporting, it is important that the mineral resource estimation be done following "the best practices" in this area. This is to ensure that the resource estimation is reliable and based on valid parameters.

This course highlights the best practices followed in mineral resource assessment by many mining companies in order to get the best predictable resource estimation of a mineral deposit. The topics covered in this course include data-collection, storage and ownership, geological modeling, drill hole data analyses (compositing, capping / high grade data analyses), application of geostatistics, grade estimation, resource classification and reporting. With some real but anonymous examples, the topics will be explained.

The course presenter is Abani Samal.


  • American Institute of Professional Geologists