Desalination as a Source of Fresh Water

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GOLI Course: Desalination as a Source of Fresh Water; Image credit: James Grellier, Licensed under Creative Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Fresh water is an increasingly scarce resource in an increasingly populous and water-intensive world. Maintaining an adequate supply of fresh water both nationally and globally will be one of the largest challenges of the 21st century. Desalination of salty water, from both the ocean and the ground, represents a huge potential source of fresh water. The development of this resource requires a combination of geoscience, engineering, waste management, policy, and community outreach and participation.

This course will focus on current and potential future desalination technologies, desalination of seawater in coastal areas, desalination of salty groundwater in inland regions, and how these efforts are shaped by policy and community engagement.

The course presenters are Tzahi Cath from the Colorado School of Mines and Katherine Zodrow from the Montana Tech of the University of Montana.


  • American Geosciences Institute