State Responses to Induced Earthquakes

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GOLI Course: State Responses to Induced Earthquakes. Image courtesy of Jerry Boak.

The surge in recent years of earthquake activity associated with some oil and gas operations, most notably in Oklahoma, has spurred a range of actions and responses from state geoscientists and regulators. States have taken measures to monitor these earthquakes and moderate the activities that may be causing them, particularly the deep underground injection of large volumes of wastewater. Many states with extensive oil and gas operations but little or no increased earthquake activity have also adopted practices to prevent and prepare for potential induced earthquakes in their area.

This course features experts from state government in Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio, who discuss the range of state-level actions and approaches taken by these three oil- and gas-rich states to monitor and reduce the occurrence of induced earthquakes.

The course presenters are Jeremy Boak from the Oklahoma Geological Survey, Michael Young from the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, and Steven Dade from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


  • American Geosciences Institute