Tracking the Global Supply of Critical Materials

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GOLI Course: Tracking the Supply of Critical Materials; Image courtesy of Nedal Nassar.

No country in the world produces all of the mineral resources necessary for modern society. International trade plays a critical role in providing these raw materials, forming a global network of production, export, import, and use. This network must continuously adapt to national and international developments in science, technology, politics, and economics. As a result, information on the global flow of raw materials plays a fundamental role in improving national and international resilience to potential supply disruptions and market changes.

This course focuses on U.S. and European Union (EU) efforts to gather information and develop tools that can be used to ensure a secure national and global supply of mineral resources; identify and quantify vulnerabilities in this supply; and stimulate national and international co-operation, education and outreach, and innovation in the development, recycling, and substitution of key mineral resources.

The course presenters are Nedal Nassar from the National Minerals Information Center at the U.S. Geological Survey and Vitor Correia from the European Federation of Geologists and the EU's INTRAW project.


  • American Geosciences Institute