Well Logs and Log Analysis for New Hires

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Robert Font Well Logs

The two most basic tools used in petroleum exploration and production are well logs and seismic data. Their integration is essential to enhance the probability of success of exploratory and development ventures. In this module we concentrate on the subject of well logs. Although we always hope for success when we drill wells, we can learn valuable information from dry holes also. So, let's see what we can ascertain from well logs.

Robert Font, Ph.D. is the instructor for this course. Robert is a Certified Professional and Petroleum Geologist and a Licensed Geologist in multiple states and earned his Ph.D. specializing in engineering geology and geomechanics, from Texas A and M University. He has 48 years of professional experience in both academia and industry. He is a former tenured Associate Professor at Baylor University, Project Supervisor and Area Geologist for Conoco, Inc., Executive Vice President at Strategic Petroleum Corporation and President of Geoscience Data Management, Inc.


  • American Institute of Professional Geologists