Preparation and Importance of Geography Competencies

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In AGI's and AAG's Geoscience Career Master's Preparation Survey, similar to Currents 103, we asked Geography departments and non-academic professionals about 20 different specific technical competencies in geography.

When asked about applying geographic information about geology and processes that shape the physical landscape, 51% of faculty and 36% of students indicate students are "Adequately" or "Extensively Prepared", whereas 75% of non-academic professionals indicate that these skills are "Important" or "Very Important" to their careers.

Overall in the physical Geography departments sampled, there seems to be less emphasis on human geography skills such as demography, political systems or population diversity. However, quantitative, mapping and GIS applications seem to have more emphasis in departments, and are also important to practicing geographers in non-academic positions.

Geography Technical Competencies

This is the last in a series of seven Currents disseminating results from the AGI and AAG Geoscience Career Master's Preparation Survey. For more information about this research, its outcomes and resources available to departments, please visit: