American Geosciences Institute Privacy Policy

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Effective 5 May 2018

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) values your active participation in the geoscience community and is committed to protecting your privacy.   This notice details what and how AGI collects potentially personal data, the ways we use that data, and your options relative to reviewing your personal data use or to be forgotten. 


AGI's websites use cookies to provide session continuity, including things like shopping carts and identification that you have authenticated with our systems for access to limited access material.

AGI tracks how you navigate through the site using Google Analytics.  If you have provided additional information to Google such as demographics, we may be able to see your access in aggregate form of those demographic or similar classification data.

Google has a comprehensive privacy policy, and cookie information pages.

  • When you provide us with information such as name, address, E-Mail address, or personal information in a registration form for such things as joining mailing lists or signing of guestbooks, AGI will record that information to provide those services to you.
  • When you place an order for a book, subscription, or otherwise provide your contact information to us, we reserve the right to notify you about AGI related activities.  You will be allowed to unsubscribe to those activities as requested.
  • When you enter a contest or other promotional feature, we may ask for your name, address, and e-mail address so that we can administer the contest and notify winners.
  • When you sign up for subscriptions, online courses, databases, or other stateful activities, we keep your name and email on file, and information related to your activities, such as grades or search histories.
  • In AGI's ecommerce platforms, we do not store any financial or security information about you, we use Stripe, a third party merchant account service which is PCI compliant.
  • For more information view Stripe's privacy policy.
  • AGI will not redistribute information collected via the AGI website to other organizations without your consent.


Depending on the circumstance, we collect personal data through explicit forms and surveys which you complete to be able to be provided selected services.  We use cookies to operate this website, collect statistics and measure the use and performance of our digital resources.

We also use Google Analytics, which provides anonymous statistical information to us. They process IP addresses and information from other cookies used on our sites so we know how many page views we have, how many users we have, what browsers they are and, in some cases, in which country, city or region they are located.

More information about Google Analytics:


Personal data of individuals collected AGI may be stored and processed in the United States, Europe, or any other country in which the AGI, its vendors, or partners maintain facilities. AGI generally collects and processes personal data in the US. In the event personal data is collected in the EU and is then transferred to the US, or is transferred to any other country outside of the EU, AGI will do so because there is a legal reason, such as in order to perform a contract, or to achieve a legitimate interest of AGI.


AGI may collect certain personal data automatically, in particular of individuals visiting AGI website, using cookies and other technologies.


Personal data may be retained by AGI for so long as necessary or useful to pursue the legitimate interests of AGI. Other factors may include: the duration of the business or contractual relationship between AGI and an individual; archiving of historical information; and legal requirements, including limitations periods during which a legal claim might be brought.


AGI has put in place reasonable technical, physical, and administrative safeguards to protect personal data collected by AGI.


Individuals generally have the right to access their own personal data and to request that AGI correct any errors or incompleteness in their own personal data. The contact information provided below should be used for these purposes. There is also a limited right to request deletion of personal data, which may be limited to complete anonymization of personally identifying elements of the data. Such requests also should be directed to the designated contact.


Inquiries regarding this privacy notice or other privacy concerns should be directed to:
Data Protection Office:
John Rasanen
American Geosciences Institute
4220 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
+1 703 379 2480