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AGI/AIPG GOLI Webinar: Techniques for Well Re-Development and Maintenance. 0.13CEUs - register now.

View from above of people seated on a multicolor rock formation. Photo by Lucas J. Lourens.

We are looking your best photos showing what geoscience work and research looks like and why you love being a geoscientist. Submit epic photos for the opportunity to win prizes!

GeoRef Reaches 4 Million References. Background Images: Mountains: Pixabay/Pexels; Globe: Porapak Apichodilok/Pexels

AGI's GeoRef database now contains more than 4 million references to the world's geoscientific literature.

AGI's AudioEARTH podcast brings you the science behind the headlines. images: American Geosciences Institute

On this episode of audioEARTH, Joe and Railey talk to grad student Max Van Wyk de Vries about his discovery of a new volcanic province. Listen now.

Celebrate "Earth as Inspiration" with Earth Science Week! Image credit: AGI/K. Cantner

October 14-20, Celebrate the theme "Earth as Inspiration."


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