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AGI Internal Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AGI’s standing committee on diversity, equity, and inclusion was launched in 2020 to examine the internal practices and operations of the American Geosciences Institute relative to its posture as a welcoming and inclusive organization that is effectively engaging with all populations.

The committee membership is comprised of Board of Director members and DEI subject experts from the Federated Societies, with the only internal AGI staff member being the Executive Director. This provides the committee with the freedom to explore AGI’s activities broadly and to support change.

Committee Activities

  • Developing methods and instruments to improve diversity and inclusion within AGI’s leadership roles
  • Developing methods and updating the nomination process for better enabling diverse populations for consideration in national geoscience awards.
  • Strategic planning to ensure AGI’s DEI approach is based on AGI values, core competencies and DEI best practices.
  • Developing mechanisms to engage and include a wide range of organizations within the Federation.
  • Making recommendations to better communicate and connect AGI DEI activities.