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A Strategy for the Future

A Strategy for the Future 2023-2026

Vision Statement and Strategic Plan


AGI represents the geoscience enterprise and serves the geoscience community by providing collaborative leadership and information to connect Earth, science, and people.

A woman and two men, all in outdoor safety vests and hardhats, stand on a rocky area discussing notes.

Zsuzsanna Thoth for AGI's 2016 Life as a Geoscientist contest


A world that understands and trusts the geosciences in fostering creative and sustainable solutions for the challenges facing Earth and humanity.


The importance of science in understanding and sustainably managing our natural resources and environment.

The sharing of scientific knowledge with a broader, worldwide audience.

A diverse geoscience workforce empowered to reach its highest potential.

The amplifying power of collaboration of organizations and individuals to address issues within the geosciences.

An adult with children on a boardwalk over a pond examine the contents of a scoop net.


AGI member organizations.


Students and educators.

The public and media organizations.

Corporate, academic, governmental, and non-governmental decision makers.

Two smiling college-age women in lab coats and protective eyewear conducting research in a laboratory.


AGI is a nonpartisan, fact-based, objective science organization.

AGI advances collaboration across the geoscience community.

AGI facilitates dialogue among the geoscience community, stakeholders, and decision makers.

AGI maintains and updates the primary reference system that underpins geoscience research.

AGI supports geoscience education and outreach by developing and sharing resources for education for all ages.

AGI compiles information for a broad variety of scientific endeavors, workforce, and diversity within the geoscience community, among others.

AGI promotes well-informed, science-based public policy and decision making.

AGI actively promotes sustainability as a unifying framework for the geosciences in the 21st century.

Earth Science for a Sustainable World poster


Geoscience & Society

Refine the understanding of the geosciences across societal sectors and leverage K–12 education to build awareness and understanding of geoscience’s role in society.

Highlight the role of geoscience in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Resiliency & Stability

Maintain a financially sound and strong organization through enhanced, well-managed staffing and revenue growth.

Implement outward-looking, novel fundraising sources for programmatic funding (e.g., the insurance industry) without competing with member societies.

Support & Service

Serve as the convening organization and actively engage diverse stakeholders in discussions of issues of immediate and long-term importance.

Represent organizations and individuals in the geosciences.