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Geosciences for Sustainability

Geosciences for Sustainability

How You Can Make a Critical Difference

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AGI’s Geosciences for Sustainability initiative is marshalling geoscience expertise and understanding to drive the transformative action needed for sustainable change. The initiative ― rooted in benchmarks set by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and examples outlined in the 2023 Geoscience in Action report ― calls on your support to help do this vital work.

You’re invited to support emerging efforts and engage with AGI projects already underway:

  • Our 2024 Critical Needs document, currently in development with input from leading geoscientists, will provide guidance to government decisionmakers on ways the geosciences can advance sustainable development and additional key policy issues.

  • AGI’s GeoRef, the premier bibliographic database for the Earth sciences, includes tagging to link researchers and students with up-to-date geoscientific data relating to sustainable development.

  • The annual Earth Science Week outreach campaign is adding educational and informational resources to ramp up public awareness of geoscience’s role in sustainability.

  • Initial activities planned for Geosciences for Sustainability include:

    • Creating sustainability-focused educational materials for K-8 and 9-12 grades that align with the UN SDGs and the Next Generation Science Standards.

    • Building knowledge of sustainable development among current AGI stakeholders through examples tied to recent, emerging, and ongoing projects, such as the Geoscience in Action report and Earth Science Week.

    • Infusing sustainability and SDG concepts within existing AGI efforts, including the Critical Issues document and GeoRef.

    • Developing and implementing a Geosciences for Sustainability brand to promote the importance of geosciences in stewardship of the planet and societal prosperity.

AGI Partners

AGI’s Member Societies are also working to advance sustainability:

But it will take more to build a sustainable world. That’s why AGI’s Geosciences for Sustainability is laying the groundwork for a large-scale, multi-year initiative. The first step is increasing understanding of the vital link between the geosciences and sustainability through support for teachers, schools, and public awareness. And that is just the beginning.

Because sustainability won’t be achieved with any quick fix. Here at AGI, we have made sustainability a key component of our 2023-2026 Vision Statement and Strategic Plan. We’re in this for the long haul, and we urge you to join us in this absolutely essential work. Our future depends on the action we take together today.

Support the effort, donate to the AGI General Fund today.