Equity in Graduate Admissions

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Friday, March 6, 2020 1:00 PM EST | 1 hour 30 mins
Series: AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs

This webinar and discussion session presents data and research about the role of typical admissions criteria and practices in maintaining racial/ethnic inequalities in graduate education. Suitable for a wide variety of audiences, practical strategies for rethinking typical admissions criteria and processes are introduced, with a focus on equity-based holistic review and embedding attention to equity throughout the admissions and recruitment process. All aspects of this session are rooted in current research. Participants will learn how common admissions mindsets & practices tend to inhibit access for underrepresented groups, and they will be introduced to strategies to improve diversity & equity through holistic review processes.

Our panelists are:

  • Julie Posselt, Associate Professor of higher education in the USC Rossier School of Education. Julie was a 2015-2017 National Academy of Education / Spencer Foundation postdoctoral research fellow.
  • Casey Miller, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs and Professor in the College of Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Both Julie and Casey are part of the leadership team for the Inclusive Graduate Education Network project.