Community Documents

Report of the AGI Task Force on Collaboration Among Geo-societies

A report from the 2023 survey of geoscience societies on the opportunities for collaboration across the operational, membership, and business spaces of the organizations.

10 October 2023

Framework for Addressing Racial and Ethnic Equity in Geosciences Professional Societies

Geoscientists address humanity’s relationship with the natural world and environmental problems of importance to all of society. Our critical mission attracts talented students and professionals from all walks of life and across all dimensions of personal identity. However, as a result of systemic racism and a lack of access, we have failed to attract, retain, and advance Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) geoscientists. BIPOC geoscientists have been met with obstacles and barriers that majority geoscientists typically do not face. Furthermore, the interconnected nature of social categorizations (e.g. the intersectionality of race, class, disability status and gender) mean that many BIPOC geoscientists bear even greater burdens and risks inside and outside of their geoscience specialties. This exclusionary environment must stop. The careers and well-being of our colleagues and the health of our discipline depends upon concerted, systemic, strategic, and urgent anti-racism action.

Approved 18 December 2020

AGI Statement on Harassment in the Geosciences

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) expects those in the profession to adhere to the highest ethical standards in all professional activities. This includes the active promotion of working and learning environments free of all forms of harassment, aggression or coercion based on any personal attributes, cultures, or differences in status. This also includes a firm rejection of those who would harass other geoscientists of any rank or status in a manner that may jeopardize their personal safety or comfort or otherwise potentially impede their professional progress or growth. The guidelines address shared aspects of this topic across the geoscience community; the professional codes of conduct for individual societies may expand beyond these guidelines.

Approved April 2018

Consensus Statement Regarding Access and Inclusion of Individuals Living with Disabilities in the Geosciences

In September of 2014, the American Geosciences Institute hosted its annual Leadership Forum, with the topic, “Accommodating Geoscience Workforce Diversity: Including the Talents of All Geoscientists.” This event illuminated the challenges faced by geoscientists living with disabilities, and discussed strategies for increasing accessibility and promoting inclusion into our field. Discussions from the event catalyzed the development of a consensus statement based on input from participating geoscientific membership societies. To read the statement and to find directions on how your organization can become a formal signatory on the document, please continue to the next page.

Approved June 2015, Posted August 2015

AGI Guidelines for Ethical Professional Conduct

The AGI Guidelines for Ethical Professional Conduct, revised in 2015, identify the ethical principles that should inform the professional conduct of geoscientists across all disciplines of the geosciences. The Guidelines are aspirational and are not binding on AGI member societies or their members. Individual societies and organizations may have more comprehensive or detailed ethics codes or statements.

April 2015

Resourcing Future Generations White Paper

Resourcing Future Generations (RFG) is an IUGS initiative aimed at meeting the multigenerational needs for raw materials, energy and water while ensuring social equity.

October 2014

The Global Geoscience Initiative

“The Global Geoscience Initiative (GGI) is a major international endeavor designed to optimize the outcomes of geoscience research on the safety, health, and welfare of humankind. Primarily supported by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), The Geological Society of America (GSA), the British Geological Survey (BGS), and the Geological Society of London (GSL), the GGI seeks to focus the efforts of the geoscience community on a few major research thrusts to produce significant positive societal impacts.” (1 Feb. 2013, GSA Release No. 13-06)

Final Report: December 2012

The Value of Field Experience

The participants of the 2001 AGI Geoscience Associates Conference hereby affirm the value and necessity of field experience and training as an essential element of the proper preparation for practicing geology.

March 2001