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Soil forms as the solid rock of the Earth, called bedrock, breaks down. It usually takes thousands of years for soil to form from bedrock. In some places, soil forms directly on top of bedrock. In other places, soil forms on a thick layer of loose rock and mineral material. This material, called sediment, has been carried from distant areas by rivers or glaciers.

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Education and Outreach
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

If you ask the question “What is soil?” you will get many different answers, depending on whom...

Iowa Clarion soil profile
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

This site contains soil lessons, links, resources, definitions and information grouped by topic...

Students stufying soil at an NRCS educational event in Missouri
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) bring great educational materials to K-12 students....


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Irrigation system
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Loads of salt aren’t just bad for humans, but plants as wall. Plants absorb the salt through...

Iowa Clarion soil profile
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A curated collection of soil type images from the Earth Science World Image Bank to show...

Soil scientists studying sand deposited by floodwaters
Resource Type: Maps and Visualizations

This site allows students to access information about their local soils. Students can see how...


Outreach Programs

Inspecting wind-eroded soil
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The Conservation and Survey Division (Nebraska Geological Survey), the natural resource survey...