In most parts of the world, water is a scarce resource. That might seem strange, because there is so much water on Earth. Almost all of the water on Earth, more than 97 percent of it, is seawater in the oceans. The rest is called fresh water, because it does not have a high salt content. Most of the world’s fresh water is frozen solid in large glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland. Almost all of the fresh water that is available for human use is either contained in soil and rock below the surface, called groundwater, or in rivers and lakes.

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Curricula & Instruction Resources

Doppler Radar installation in Oklahoma
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

Water in its liquid state is visible, as ponds, streams, water in bottles, and wet surfaces. You...

Emerald Spring, Yellowstone National Park
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

There is water all over Earth in different forms. By far, most of the planet's water is in the...

Channel Islands, California
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

In this activity, students will use California precipitation totals and evapotranspiration data...


Teaching Media Resources

Great Falls Park on the Potomac River, Maryland
Resource Type: Virtual Field Trips

On this field trip, you'll learn amazing things about water. You'll learn about aquifers, how...

Hunter's Moon during a Lunar Eclipse
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

In 1959 the Soviet Space Craft Luna 3 beamed back images of something earthlings have never...

Great Lakes region
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

This video essay celebrates some of northern Michigan's most threatened wetlands and the young...


Outreach Programs

Black sand beach, Hawaii
Resource Type: Online Outreach Programs

Maps on Hawaii's water and geology; Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Inspecting wind-eroded soil
Resource Type: Online Outreach Programs

Data and maps, research, reports, fact sheets; Location: Iowa City, IA

Sediments in Lake Red Rock, Iowa
Resource Type: Location-based Outreach Programs

Volunteer water monitoring, volunteer cleanups; Location: Atlanta, GA