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In most parts of the world, water is a scarce resource. That might seem strange, because there is so much water on Earth. Almost all of the water on Earth, more than 97 percent of it, is seawater in the oceans. The rest is called fresh water, because it does not have a high salt content. Most of the world’s fresh water is frozen solid in large glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland. Almost all of the fresh water that is available for human use is either contained in soil and rock below the surface, called groundwater, or in rivers and lakes.

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Curricula & Instruction Resources

Stratocumulus clouds over Monument Valley, Arizona
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

There are two methods water moves from the ground to the atmosphere as part of the hydrologic...

Point source water pollution
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

This activity guide has been intended to educate students in kindergarten through ninth grade to...

Satellite Images of sand and seaweed of the Bahamas
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

Students will map the patterns of the major ocean currents as well as the influence of wind,...


Teaching Media Resources

Connecticut River in Long Island
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Where rivers meet the ocean, coastlines tend to bend either inward or outward, creating...

Mississippi River flooding in Missouri
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Explore and experience the forces that shape the world around us. No natural disaster in America...

Hurricane Felix infrared image, 1995
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Explore and experience the forces that shape the world around us. Find out how hurricanes can be...


Outreach Programs

Black sand beach, Hawaii
Resource Type: Online Outreach Programs

Maps on Hawaii's water and geology; Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Coral Reef fish
Resource Type: Commemorative Days and Events

A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. Every year, World Oceans Day provides a...

Cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning
Resource Type: Commemorative Days and Events

The World Meteorological Organization has its fundamental mission to support the countries of...