The AGI Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell for Superlative Service to the Geosciences is awarded in recognition of outstanding performance in and contribution to the geoscience profession. Campbell was an uncommon man of remarkable accomplishment and widespread influence. He was a geoscientist, educator, administrator, and public servant, and was noted for his candor and integrity. The Campbell Medal is the most distinguished AGI award.

Deadline: February 1, 2024



The award, established in 1981 by the AGI Member Society Council, is limited to one per year. The candidate must be living at the time of selection and, if at all possible, should be present to receive the medal. The title of the award was changed for the 2009 award to add “for Superlative Service to the Geosciences” in order to emphasize the importance of service shown by the recipient.


Candidates should be measured against the distinguished career of Ian Campbell, whose service to the profession touched virtually every facet of the geosciences. They must be nationally recognized geoscientists with a clear documented record of achievement in their profession. The award reflects the dedicated service and integrity exemplified by Ian Campbell and is intended to inspire future generations to strive to benefit their science and profession, and the public community. The unique criterion for candidates for the award is the demand for extraordinary service performed with the highest qualities of statesmanship. Significant accomplishments in science, education, and administration are necessary as the foundation from which a candidate may develop to offer outstanding contributions to the geoscience profession. Up to three letters of support (if received) can be included in the nomination package.

Nomination Procedure

Selection Procedure and Criteria

The Chair of the Member Society Council (President of AGI) shall appoint a special nominating committee and chair to recommend a recipient of the AGI Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell. The Ian Campbell Nominating Committee shall consist of five members including current representatives or their delegates from the AGI Member Society Council from each of the following societies:

  • Association of American State Geologists

  • Geological Society of America

  • Mineralogical Society of America

In addition, two at-large representatives from the remaining Member Society Council representatives or their delegates will be appointed to complete the Ian Campbell Nominating Committee.

The Executive Director of AGI will serve as the ex-officio secretary of the Ian Campbell Nominating Committee to ensure promotion of the award, encourage participation by the AGI member societies, and ensure adherence to selection procedures.

The Ian Campbell Nominating Committee will solicit nominations from the AGI Member Societies. Each Member Society can submit a single nomination to the nominating committee. Member Societies will be encouraged to develop their own internal processes for nominating a single candidate. Also, currently there exists a committee of former Ian Campbell medalists, which has been nominating individuals for the medal off and on over the past several years; and this nomination will be accepted by AGI similar to that from a Member Society. In addition, any member in good standing of any of AGI’s member societies may make a nomination. However, that nomination package must be complete and must contain letters of support from three (3) additional people that clearly demonstrate the nominee’s contributions to the criteria for the Ian Campbell Medal. The Member Society Council of AGI will be informed at its semi-annual meetings of the importance and prestige of the Ian Campbell Medal; and AGI, through the Executive Director, will encourage all Member Societies to nominate a candidate for the award.

Member Societies are required to submit a nomination form to the ex-officio Secretary of the nominating committee. The nomination form should document the candidate’s professional activities relative to those of Campbell. Campbell was “a geologist, educator, administrator, and public servant, and was noted for his candor and integrity.”

Candidates will be evaluated against the distinguished career of Ian Campbell, whose service to the profession touched virtually every facet of the geosciences.

Candidates whose nominating packages are incomplete will not be considered by the nominating committee. Nominations will be considered for a period of 3 years at which time their packages will be destroyed. Member Societies can re-nominate a candidate at a later time if they so desire.

Following deliberations, the Ian Campbell Nominating Committee will submit its final selection in writing to the Executive Director of AGI. The Executive Director will submit it to the Board of Directors of AGI for final action and approval by the Member Society Council at its spring meeting.

Description of the Medal

The award will be a bronze medal. The obverse side bears a likeness of Ian Campbell with the words “The AGI Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell.” The medal will have a ribbon attached for hanging around the neck of the recipient and displayed in a wooden box with a brass plate engraved with the name of the recipient and the year of the award.

Presentation of the Medal

The medal shall be presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America at the time of the presentation of GSA awards. The medal shall be presented by the GSA President at its Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony. A special fund has been established by the Association of American State Geologists and given to the Geological Society of America to ensure that in perpetuity the presentation of the Ian Campbell Award will be made during the Annual Presidential Awards Session at GSA. GSA will request a citation from a designated person, however, the citationist need not attend. The recipient of the award is entitled to request funding support from AGI to attend GSA to receive this award; however, no funding support is available for the citationist.


  • 1981 Richard H. Jahns
  • 1983 Hollis D. Hedberg
  • 1984 Konrad B. Krauskopf
  • 1985 Robert L. Heller
  • 1986 William B. Heroy Jr.
  • 1987 Charles J. Mankin Jr.
  • 1988 John D. Haun
  • 1989 Grover E. Murray
  • 1990 Philip E. LaMoreaux
  • 1991 William L. Fisher
  • 1992 Donald C. Haney
  • 1993 Peter T. Flawn
  • 1994 Dallas L. Peck
  • 1995 Gordon P. Eaton
  • 1996 Robert R. Jordan
  • 1997 M. Gordon (Reds) Wolman
  • 1998 Charles G. (Chip) Groat
  • 1999 Priscilla C. P. Grew
  • 2000 Luna B. Leopold
  • 2001 Kenneth N. Weaver
  • 2002 Frank H. T. Rhodes
  • 2003 Edward C. Roy Jr.
  • 2004 Ernest A. Mancini
  • 2005 Samuel S. Adams
  • 2006 Robert D. Hatcher, Jr.
  • 2007 Arthur A. Socolow
  • 2008 Larry D. Woodfork
  • 2009 Jonathan G. Price
  • 2010 Vicki J. Cowart
  • 2011 Harrison H. Schmitt
  • 2012 Gordon E. Brown Jr.
  • 2013 Peter A. Scholle
  • 2014 James F. Davis
  • 2015 Rodney C. Ewing
  • 2016 Berry H. (Nick) Tew Jr.
  • 2017 Russell G. Slayback
  • 2018 Scott W. Tinker
  • 2019 Barbara H. Murphy
  • 2020 James M. Robertson
  • 2021 Marcia K. McNutt
  • 2022 Jean M. Bahr
  • 2023 Vicki S. McConnell