Education Program

AGI Education offers an exciting array of cutting-edge products and services for K-12 educators — including NSF-funded curricula, high-definition videos, classroom activities, teacher professional development, and online resources. Check back often to see what’s new from AGI Education!


AGI supports awards for excellence in teaching K-12 Earth science.


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AGI published curricula
Laura Rios, AGI

AGI works in partnership with commercial publishers to provide exemplary secondary Earth science curricula.

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BP 2009 Workshop teachers in an activity
American Geosciences Institute

Professional Development
AGI offers both face-to-face and online Earth science professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers.

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Gold Panning
Beth Stettner, USGS

AGI has created a collection of resources to aid in K-12 Earth science teaching.

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Earth Science Week Logo

AGI’s Outreach programs include Earth Science Week, National Parks Programs, and online resources for professional geoscientists working with classroom teachers.

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