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September 16-17, 2014, Washington, D.C.

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America's Increasing Reliance on Natural Gas: Benefits and Risks of a Methane Economy
November 19-20, 2014, Fort Worth, TX

AGI Policy staff support connections and communication between the geoscience community, decision makers, and the public.

Geoscience Policy

Geoscience Policy works with AGI member societies and policy makers to provide a focused voice for the shared interests of the geoscience profession in the federal policy process. Geoscience Policy tracks and analyzes policy issues; updates the geoscience community through news briefs that cover federal legislation, appropriations, and hearings; organizes meetings, briefings, testimony and written submissions on geoscience policy issues.

Critical Issues

Critical Issues provides a portal to decision-relevant, impartial geoscience information. By aggregating material from multiple organizations in one place, the Critical Issues website makes it easier for users to find comprehensive information from across the geosciences. Critical Issues features easy-to-digest peer-reviewed summaries, answers to common questions, and links to more detailed resources.

AGI Policy Staff

Maeve Boland
Director of Geoscience Policy

Geoscience Policy Staff:
Abigail Seadler
Gesocience Policy Associate

Meg Gilley
Gesocience Policy Associate

General inquiries for Geoscience Policy: govt@agiweb.org, 703-379-2480

Critical Issues Staff:
Leila M. Gonzales
Senior Researcher

Stephanie Tubman
AGI/Schlumberger Fellow in Geoscience Communication

General inquiries for Critical Issues: cipinfo@agiweb.org, 703-379-2480

The Critical Issues program is supported by the Center for Geoscience Education and Public Understanding.