EarthComm Earth's Fluid Spheres: Oceans and Your Community Activity 6

Earth's Fluid Spheres book

El Nino, Phytoplankton, and Global Geochemical Cycles

  • "SeaWIFS Project Homepage" - NASA/GSFC
    Homepage of SeaWIFS Project which generates false color images that show phytoplankton blooms. Includes data sets images and a teacher resources page.

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El Nino and Marine Birds

  • El Nino,
    Learn how an El Nino year effected waterfowl migration movements throughout the Flyways.
  • Water, EPA
    Explore the ENSO-related events such as changes in runoff and streamflow regimes, reductions in water quality associated with changes in runoff, and human demands for water supplies affect waterfowl.

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