Energy: ERRATA

Notes on the 2001 Edition

Investigation 1: Tracing Electricity to Its Source

Teacher's Edition, Page 45
Last sentence of number 2, "They need to realize that some of the internal energy in the hot plate..." "internal energy" replaces "heat energy."

Investigation 2: Uses of Energy Resources


Investigation 3: How Fossil Fuels are Formed

Teacher's Edition, Page 127, As You Read...
Last sentence under number 1 should read: "The percentage of the coal that is carbon increases."

Investigation 4: Sources and Uses of Petroleum


Investigation 5: Exploring for Petroleum

Teacher's Edition, Page 178
Second sentence of the 5th paragraph should be replaced with: "The reflected wave bounces off of the discontinuity and away from the boundary not unlike a ball bouncing off a surface. The angle at which the reflected wave leaves the boundary is equal to the angle at which it approached to begin with."

Investigation 6: Solar Energy


Investigation 7: Using Energy Resources Wisely

Teacher's Edition, Page 255
Second paragraph, replace "heat energy" with "internal energy."

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