Investigation 5: Exploring for Petroleum

To learn more about what geologists look for when they explore for oil, visit the following web sites:

Looking for Oil and Gas?, San Joaquin Geological Society
This site provides a detailed introduction to oil and gas explorations. It provides graphics and links to help build your understanding.

Oil and Gas Extraction, US Dept of Labor
Explore the nature of the industry from research to extraction to refining.

Exploration and Drilling of Wells, Infoplease
This site briefly reviews the process of drilling oil wells and also has links to the natural occurrence of oil along with the process of refinement.

Oil & Gas Reservoir Life Extension, DOE Fossil Energy
This adobe pdf article explores the importance of enhancing recovery of oil and gas from rocks.

Horizontal drilling, University of Wisconsin
Drilling directly in an oil reservoir can be tricky and expensive. Explore how horizontal drilling is a useful method for saving money and lessening the environmental impact while recovering the same amount of oil as other methods.

The Process of Hydraulic Fracturing, EPA Office of Water
Learn more about a technique that allows oil or natural gas to move more freely from the rock pores to a producing well.

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