Dynamic Planet: ERRATA

Notes on the 2001 Edition

Investigation 1: Gathering Evidence and Modeling

Teacher's Edition, Page 49
Last sentence should read: "Modern, more complex models detail more than a hundred subatomic particles!" "models" replaces "model"

Investigation 2: The Interior of the Earth

Page P15
In first paragraph, replace the word "faster" with "slower."

Teacher's Edition, Page 89
Under section b), the words "air" and "water" should be reversed in the third sentence, which should read: "In order for them to see the stick, light waves must travel first through water and then, after being refracted, through air."

Investigation 3: Forces that Cause Earth Movements

Page P28, Illustration
Illustration was modified to reflect more accurately dimensions of rifts and to identify the crust within the lithosphere.Figure (3 KB Adobe pdf).

Investigation 4: The Movement of the Earth's Lithosperic Plates


Investigation 5: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountains


Investigation 6: Earth's Moving Continents


Investigation 7: Natural Hazards and Our Dynamic Planet


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