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Date: 2016-07-25
2 days 11 hours ago
A middle school is left in a mangled heap after a June 11 F-3 tornado ripped through Chapman, Kansas. Image Credit: Photo by Anita Westervelt/FEMA
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
3 days 3 hours ago
Image of a sinkhole in West-central Florida Freeze Event of 2010. Image Credit: U.S. Geological Survey/Photo by Ann Tihansky
Florida Geological Survey
3 days 3 hours ago
Tornado funnel. Image Credit: NASA
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
3 days 6 hours ago
New Orleans and the Mississippi River. Image Copyright © Marli Miller, University of Oregon.
American Geosciences Institute
3 days 7 hours ago
New Mexico's spring-fed Zuni Salt Lake which concentrates salt and is considered by the Zuni people to be the sacred Ma’l Oyattsik’i, the Salt Woman. Image Copyright © Michael Collier.
American Geosciences Institute
3 days 8 hours ago
A hydraulic fracturing operation is underway at this drilling pad in the Marcellus Shale gas play of southwestern Pennsylvania. Image Credit: USGS/Photo by Doug Duncan
U.S. Geological Survey
3 days 8 hours ago
Map showing estimated undiscovered but technically recoverable resources of coalbed methane in the United States. Image Credit: USGS
American Geosciences Institute
6 days 6 hours ago

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