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AGI Scholarship for Advancing Diversity in the Geoscience Profession


The scholarship is a one-time $5000 award paid upon confirmation of active enrollment in a geosciece graduate program. The scholarship is open to geoscience students who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color and are within 2 semesters of completing their bachelor’s degree in a geoscience. Student must be US Citizen or permanent resident. The scholarship will be awarded to a qualified applicant based on merit for potential of applicant to succeed in a geosciences graduate program and go on to a career in the profession.

Submission Deadline: 13 February 2022

Application Instructions

  • All materials must be submitted via email in PDF format.

  • Complete the formal application for the scholarship. You are required to complete all sections below, which must be submitted as ONE PDF document. Please name the document using to following format: LastnameFirstName-Diversity-2021.pdf

    1. Include your full name, email address, and phone number at the top of the document and start each section on a new page with a clear title.
    2. Indicate your expected date of graduation with a bachelor’s degree and the required courses still to be taken.
    3. Indicate what graduate programs you are applying to or have been accepted to and your intended start date.
    4. Curriculum Vitae (not resume), including short descriptions of any geoscience, technology, academic, professional development or applicable extracurricular activities. Please do not include descriptions of courses or coursework.
    5. Essay on your research interests in graduate school, why you can accomplish that research and what impact it will have on the geoscience community (500 word limit).
    6. Essay on your view of your path forward into the geoscience profession. (500 word limit)
    7. Essay on “How have you or your work advanced diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sciences.” (500 word max)
    8. Description of any extracurricular activities and professional development activities you have participated in. (250 word max)
    9. Current undergraduate transcript (unofficial is acceptable). YOU MUST eliminate any identification numbers on these documents. This includes school ID numbers and Social Security numbers. If ID numbers of any kind are found within these documents, the application will be ineligible for review. There are no exceptions. Please read through all of your transcrips carefully!
  • When you have all of your materials ready, email them as a PDF attachment to: with the subject line with your last name and the word diversity - such as “Smith - Diversity”.

Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

Your materials will be reviewed by a committee of expert geoscientists from the academic, government, non-profit, and industry sectors. They will review the applications for rigor, clarity, scientific content, current and potential contributions to the profession, and career potential.

The scholarship winner will be notified in April 2021. The scholarship funds are only payable once the awardee is actively enrolled into the graduate program and the scholarship coordinator receives confirmation from the department chair of awardees active enrollment.

If there are any questions regarding the AGI Scholarship for Advancing Diversity in the Geoscience Profession or application procedures, please submit inquires to the scholarship coordinator Christopher Keane.