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The geosciences are always changing. So is the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).
Decorative wood and slate paneling in the reception area. AGI Logo superposed. credit: David Leiva
Providing a unified voice for more than 40 scientific and professional organizations, AGI represents more than a quarter-million earth, atmospheric, and ocean scientists across the United States and around the world.
Official participation in AGI guarantees member societies a seat at the table in shaping the future of the geosciences. All members receive exclusive opportunities for professional advancement, and unique access to a wealth of programs, products, and services tailored for geoscience leaders, professionals, and lifelong learners (* denotes new benefits effective October 1, 2018).
*Free use of hot desks, conferencing, and building amenities at AGI Headquarters. Learn more.


Two scientists crouch amongst boulders and leaves to collect water samples from a sinkhole.

AGI Member Society Council. Leverage decision-making power with a vote in this geoscience coalition, which meets twice a year to take action on important issues affecting the geoscience community (exclusive benefit to AGI member societies).

AGI Executive Committee. Nominate leaders to serve on this board providing direction to and overseeing the activities of AGI and its departments, programs, and initiatives (exclusive benefit to AGI member societies).

AGI Leadership Forum. Convene with other leading organizations to share priorities, voice concerns, and devise solutions regarding top issues facing the geosciences today.​

Partnerships. Take advantage of the limitless opportunities to partner with other member societies and AGI itself to achieve common aims, with AGI often playing the role of facilitator.

*Meeting Facilities. Further collaboration while enjoying free use of meeting space in AGI’s newly renovated headquarters, located in close proximity to Washington, DC, and fortified with state-of- the-art technology, essential resources, and collaborative areas designed to advance your work.
*Leadership Opportunities. Serve in an advisory role on one of AGI’s advisory committees related to projects and initiatives under way at AGI.
*Shared Business Services. Partner with AGI by using many fee-based services and capabilities that can be shared with member societies upon request. These include, but aren’t limited to, graphic design, freelance writing, editing, human resources, information technology support, and more. Information is available upon request.
*Desk and Office Rental/Sharing. Take advantage of opportunities to partner with AGI through rental and sharing of desks or offices at AGI headquarters on a long-term basis, subject to availability.
*Member Program Promotion. Make use of landing pages hosted by AGI that highlight member society programs of broad interest to AGI’s membership. This will enhance visibility of member programs, while making the discovery of programs easier. Promotion will include society scholarships, internships, and awards.


Students gather in the field to map the geology.

Center for Geoscience & Society. Partner with the Center to sponsor stakeholder engagement events and programs ─ such as our latest Critical Issues Forum and the Education GeoSource ─ that enhance geoscience awareness across all sectors of society.

Education. Participate in the design of curricula, professional development, and educational outreach resources ─ such as the NAGT/AGI Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology and the AAPG/AGI Visiting Geoscientists Handbook ─ that shape how students learn geoscience.

Geoscience Policy. Join with AGI to champion the geosciences through Capitol Hill visits, coalitions and working groups, and supported internships that advance geoscience policy priorities at all levels.

Critical Issues. Contribute to and utilize this portal to decision-relevant, impartial geoscience information, including case studies and factsheets, publications, webinars, and links to detailed resources for policymakers and others.

Scholarly Information. Form special information database partnerships with AGI’s premier bibliographic database for the geosciences, GeoRef, as well as additional thematic databases.

Workforce. Access geoscience workforce data, resources for higher education and careers in the geosciences, and special programs such as the Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI), launched in collaboration with AIPG to provide free on-demand courses.

Earth Science Week. Collaborate with other leading geoscientific societies in this annual celebration of the geosciences, reaching more than 50 million people worldwide each year.


Two scientists working in a chemistry lab

Directory of Geoscience Departments. Leverage AGI's exclusive network of nearly 2,000 geoscience faculty around the world to distribute relevant news and announcements (each member society is entitled to one free non-job-related mass mailing to this curated list, with additional mailings available at a discounted rate).

Earth Science Week Toolkit & Online Resources. Reach key audiences by contributing material to this popular program’s collection of print and online resources, which annually reach millions of students and teachers across the country and around the world.

Domestic & International Conferences: Display your promotional materials in the AGI booth at domestic and international conferences each year.

Social Media. Engage with AGI on social media to raise awareness of new campaigns and initiatives and to connect with fellow geoscientists.


A woman guides a kite and drone. Image Credit: Mary Lide Parker

Awards. Nominate candidates for AGI’s prestigious awards, including the Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal, the AGI Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell for Superlative Service to the Geosciences, and more.

William L. Fisher Geoscience Congressional Fellowship. Apply as an AGI member society individual member for AGI's annual Congressional Fellowship.

Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship. Apply as an AGI member society individual member for the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship for women in the geosciences.

Internships. Apply as a student member of an AGI member society for one of AGI’s internship positions in communications, geoscience policy, critical issues, or workforce.

*Member Society Scholar-in-Residence Program. Foster formal opportunities for your individual members and staff who continue their current work while applying their expertise to special projects at AGI.


Second Floor office area highlighting the inviting appeal. Plants accent low bookshelf's and dividers which invite discussion and collaboration. credit: David Leiva

Discounts. Receive special discounts on a wide range of AGI publications, including reports, magazines, handbooks, and more.

Earth Science Week Toolkit. Receive 50 free copies of the Earth Science Week Toolkit on request each year, for distribution to key education partners and local science teachers.


Ray Thomasson addressing open house guests on August 2nd.

*Sophisticated conferencing capabilities and space. Full members in good standing are entitled to one complimentary use of AGI’s state-of-the-art conference center and/or meeting rooms per calendar year. Conference facilities are also available for rent at discounted rates for member societies.

*Free use of hot desks at AGI Headquarters upon request and reservation. Reservations are free to individual members in good standing with their member organizations and AGI. This offering is subject to availability.

*Use of additional AGI building spaces. The Production Studio, Wellness Room, Lounge, and other amenities are available for member use while members are visiting headquarters.

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Crew lifts a buoy out of the water. Image Credit: Issie Corvi

*Free digital subscription to the AGI/Nautilus EARTH Channel. Sign up.

*Free use of hot desks at AGI Headquarters upon request and reservation. Reservations are free to individual members in good standing with their member organizations and AGI. This is subject to availability. Learn more.

*Use of conferencing and building amenities at AGI Headquarters upon request and reservation.

Special discounts on AGI Publications

All individual members in good standing of an AGI member society can apply for:



For more information on membership benefits, contact AGI’s Member Society Liaison:
Geoff Camphire
(703) 379-2480 ext. 216