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Meet the Workforce Program Staff

Christopher M. Keane
Director of Technology and Communications

Leila M. Gonzales
Technical Specialist

Geoscience Jobs Board

A real-time list of currently available positions of interest to geoscientists of all levels of experience.

Workforce Data

Since 1955, AGI has collected data about the human resources of the U.S. geoscience community.  The central component of this effort has been the ongoing Directory of Geoscience Departments publication, now in its 50th edition.  Additionally, AGI has collected data on the supply and demand of geoscientists, and works with other organizations and government agencies to ensure that the health of the profession is understood.

Geoscience COVID-19 Survey

Help our community better understand how geoscience workplace and instructional environments are changing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the survey.

Supporting Students

AGI's outreach efforts focus on not only helping students make a well-informed decision about studying the geosciences, but today has expanded in programs to both recruit top quality students to the geosciences as well as to prepare current students for entering the workforce as a geoscience professional.

Supporting Geoscience Departments

AGI's Workforce Program has a long history of supporting geoscience departments both in the U.S. and around the world.  Whether it's providing critical data on enrollments and degrees, comprehensive information about faculty, or collaborating with member societies like AGU on hosting webinars on critical issues for department chairs, AGI recognizes that a strong geoscience academic community is the key to a strong profession.

Career Information

AGI also provides a wealth of information on careers in the geosciences for the public, educators, and interested students.  Explore the diverse career pathways of geoscientists and find your way towards making a difference.