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Critical Issues Program

Critical Issues provides a portal to decision-relevant, impartial geoscience information. By aggregating material from multiple organizations in one place, the Critical Issues website makes it easier for users to find comprehensive information from across the geosciences. Critical Issues features easy-to-digest peer-reviewed summaries, answers to common questions, and links to more detailed resources.

Education GeoSource

The geoscience education resources in this section are from a variety of providers. The goal is to provide visitors to the Center site with the widest possible collection of curricula, classroom activities, teacher professional development opportunities, science education standards, virtual field trips, teaching ancillaries and much more. We encourage visitors to the site to review this initial collection, suggest other resources and let us know when items are out of date or problematic for other reasons.

Our Mission

The mission of AGI’s Center for Geoscience and Society is to enhance geoscience awareness across all sectors of society. The Center accomplishes this by generating new approaches to building geoscience knowledge, engaging the widest possible range of stakeholders, and creatively promoting existing and new resources and programs.

Current Project Areas

Information Resource Development

Geoscience information made accessible through the Internet and published documents. This geoscience information is available to help decision makers, educators and the public across all sectors of society.

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Consulting and Collaborative Services

The Center deploys expertise through flexible, tailored consulting, and collaborative services that are compatible with its mission to build awareness of geoscience in action.

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Convening Stakeholder Meetings

The Center facilitates constructive communication among members of the geoscience community and members of other professional communities through thematic forums, summit meetings, receptions, and webinars. This promotes individual and collective action based on sound geoscience information.

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Innovative Starter Projects

Serving as an engine for innovation, the Center initiates new projects in response to emerging needs in the geosciences and society. It supports the development of projects that promote new ways of thinking and acting on geoscience knowledge, and bringing that knowledge to all members of our diverse society.

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