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AGI’s Geoscience Policy and Critical Issues programs support well-informed public policy and decision making by providing information and facilitating dialogue between the geoscience community and decision makers.

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We provide decision-relevant, impartial geoscience information that is rich with links to credible and impartial sources.

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Friday, April 14, 2017
AGI Policy & Critical Issues webinar This webinar features experts from state government in Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio, who will discuss the range of state-level actions and approaches taken by these three oil- and gas-rich states to monitor and...
Cover image of GWG 2017 Transition document; Image credit: American Geosciences Institute
Geoscientists gather and interpret data about the Earth and other planets, providing the data, tools, and expertise to help solve some of America’s greatest challenges. The policy proposals laid out in this document are centered around five high-...
We encourage everyone to review the Principles and Goals of the March and to decide if you wish to participate. While AGI will not be officially endorsing the March for Science, we are providing information on the March events for AGI member...
U.S. Whitehouse (Chris Keane/AGI) U.S. Capitol (Chris Keane/AGI) U.S. Treasury building. (Chris Keane/AGI) Computer and Notebook. (L. Gonzales/AGI)

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We partner with other professional science societies to create materials that help scientists communicate with decision-makers.

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Maeve Boland
Director of Geoscience Policy

Cassaundra Rose
Critical Issues Program Manager

Danielle Woodring
Geoscience Policy Associate

Michelle Barreto
Geoscience Policy Associate

Ben Mandler
AGI/Schlumberger Fellow in Geoscience Communication

Leila M. Gonzales
Senior Researcher

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