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Supporting science-based decision making at all levels

AGI’s Geoscience Policy and Critical Issues programs support well-informed public policy and decision making by providing information and facilitating dialogue between the geoscience community and decision makers.

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U.S. Whitehouse (Chris Keane/AGI) U.S. Capitol (Chris Keane/AGI) U.S. Archives (Photograph by Mike Peel. www.mikepeel.net) Principal working with student. (U.S. Department of Education (CC BY 2.0))

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Discover state-specific geoscience information that is decision-relevant and rich with links to credible and impartial sources Delve into a variety of information resources to learn about how geoscience is being applied in your state in five main...

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Geoscience Policy: govt@americangeosciences.org

Critical Issues: cipinfo@americangeosciences.org