2020-2021 AGI Fisher Fellow Jakob Lindaas

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Jakob Lindaas received his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University (CSU) studying local ozone air pollution in Colorado as well as nitrogen-containing gases and particles in western U.S. wildfire smoke. His scholarly focus on atmospheric chemistry and air quality research has made him passionate about connecting geoscientists to public policy and supporting active scientific participation in public decision-making processes, he said on accepting the fellowship.  Lindaas organized a poster networking event that connected 21 graduate students from diverse fields throughout CSU with local government and community leaders in Fort Collins, Colorado. In his career, he hopes to continue to find ways to support and encourage geoscientists' engagement in public policy decisions, from local to national levels.
Previously, Lindaas earned a master's degree in Atmospheric Science from CSU and a B.A. in Environmental Science and Public Policy from Harvard University. Prior to enrolling in graduate school, he worked as a research assistant in the Harvard Earth and Planetary Science Department focusing on greenhouse gas flux estimates from urban and arctic environments.