Education and Outreach Programs

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AGI Education offers an exciting array of cutting-edge products and services for K-12 educators — including NSF-funded curricula, high-definition videos, classroom activities, teacher professional development, and online resources. Check back often to see what’s new from AGI Education!

2018 Ed Roy Winner
Photographer, Tom Ervin


AGI supports awards for excellence in teaching K-12 Earth science.

AGI published curricula
Laura Rios, AGI


AGI works in partnership with commercial publishers to provide exemplary Earth science curricula.

BP 2009 Workshop teachers in an activity
American Geosciences Institute

Professional Development

AGI offers both face-to-face and online Earth science professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers.

Gold Panning
Beth Stettner, USGS


AGI has created a collection of resources to aid in K-12 Earth science teaching.

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Educational Outreach

AGI’s Outreach programs include Earth Science Week, National Parks Programs, and online resources for professional geoscientists working with classroom teachers.

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Education GeoSource

The geoscience education resources on this site come from a variety of providers. The site provides visitors with the widest possible collection of curricula, classroom activities, teacher professional development opportunities, science education standards, virtual field trips, teaching ancillaries, and much more.