RFG 2018 Conference

Edward C. Roy, Jr. Award for Excellence in K-8 Earth Science Teaching

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Current curriculum vitae or resume with complete contact information, professional development experience and awards.
Letter of recommendation from the teacher's principal on school letterhead.
Letters of recommendation (with contact information and on letterhead) from two other education professionals who have observed the applicant teaching Earth science (district science supervisor, teaching colleague, team leader, etc.). If you can combine the two letters into one document, please submit them as Document 3. If you are unable to combine your two letters into one document, please submit one as Document 3 and the other as Document 3a.
Exemplary Earth system science lesson plan that emphasizes an inquiry-based approach (five pages maximum including handouts). The lesson plan must include instructional objectives, student outcomes, key concepts, materials used, safety guidelines, lesson procedure, and assessment methods.
Essay (500 words maximum) describing the importance of teaching Earth science education to K-8 students and how the applicant inspires students to learn Earth science concepts. The essay should also include information on how the applicant augments his or her own Earth science understanding as an adult learner.