Using the Earth as Inspiration: Teacher Leadership in Houston

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In June 2018, Earth Science Education Ambassador Sally Jewell visited AGI’s K-5 Teacher Leadership Academy in Houston, TX, and met with teachers from across the country to discover what inspires them to teach kids about science.

The Teacher Leadership Academy provides teachers with Earth science content, hands-on activities, educational resources, and real-world science experiences that participants can use with their students in the classroom and with their colleagues in professional development settings. Teachers can promote a sense of wonder that is only deepened and enhanced by an understanding of geoscience.

Watch the video and scroll down below for ways you can be inspired by the Earth and get kids outside to explore the world around us!

As our Earth Science Education Ambassador, Jewell is bringing attention to AGI’s 2018 theme of Earth as Inspiration by traveling across the United States, meeting with students, teachers, and other partners to explore the ways our planet inspires us.Chances to understand the natural world exist everywhere  even in your own community:

For new and aspiring geoscientists, explore our other resources:

Over her distinguished career, Jewell has worn many hats: avid outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, petroleum engineer, President and CEO of REI, US Secretary of the Interior. This year we are proud Jewell has added the role of AGI’s Earth Science Education Ambassador.

Watch and share this video and help Jewell and AGI explore the different ways Earth inspires us to learn, conserve, contribute, and create.