35th IGC Sessions

35th International Geological Congress Sessions

Paper Number Title Presenting Author Sessionsort ascending Abstract
4002 The Chaine des Mongos- a newly discovered Precambrian fold belt in Central African Republic and South Sudan Dr. Sharad Master T9.10 - Geological Mapping & Mineral Exploration: Case studies from Africa / Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production PDF icon 4002.pdf
3963 A hyperspectral remote sensing flight campaign in the VNIR-SWIR-TIR wave length for reconnaissance mapping of the BIFs of the Kaapvaal Craton Dr. Michaela Frei T9.10 - Geological Mapping & Mineral Exploration: Case studies from Africa / Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production PDF icon 3963.pdf
4277 Australia’s National Virtual Core Library: Examples of integrating data across geological terranes to highlight prospectivity Ms. Belinda Smith T9.10 - Geological Mapping & Mineral Exploration: Case studies from Africa / Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production PDF icon 4277.pdf
865 Study on Regularity of Typical Landslide Stability Variation and Influencing Factors with Drawdown of Reservoir Water Level Dr. Yin Xiaomeng T8.P5 - Geohazards PDF icon 865.pdf
2587 Seismic geomorphology of mass transport deposits influenced by halokinesis: insights from the Levant Basin, offshore central Israel Dr. Nicolas Waldmann T8.P5 - Geohazards PDF icon 2587.pdf
3810 Study of possible tsunamigenic seismic sources for the French coast (Atlantic and English Channel) Dr. Monique Terrier T8.P5 - Geohazards PDF icon 3810.pdf
5174 Evidences of a Middle Pleistocene rock avalanche in L’Aquila Basin (central Apennines, Italy) Dr. Gabriele Scarascia-Mugnozza T8.P5 - Geohazards PDF icon 5174.pdf
2872 A comparative study of the geochemistry of two tropical west flowing rivers, southwest coast of India Ms. Vidhya Marina T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 2872.pdf
5248 Mantle flow under the Seismogenic Zone of the Eastern Carpathians? Evidences from complementary geophysical and satellite investigations Prof. Victor Mocanu T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 5248.pdf
1848 Characteristics of band-limited ambient seismic noise in South Korea Prof. Ki Young Kim T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 1848.pdf
5140 Intergrated static and dynamic stress modeling for investgating tremor source regions in the san andreas fault Ms. Sandra Hardy T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 5140.pdf
5545 Physico-chemical characterization of asbestos dust samples Khutadzo Masindi T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 5545.pdf
1590 Geomorphologic evaluation and valoration of geological hazards in the Quebrada valley and Dique Los Sauces-La Rioja, Argentina Dr. Adriana Ediht Niz T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 1590.pdf
2368 Aggradational and Erosional records of Cloud Burst: An example from 2010 Leh Cloud Burst, Ladakh Himalaya, India Dr. Dhananjay Meshram T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 2368.pdf
4559 Land degradation mapping along the Eastern Cape Wild Coast using Landsat 8 surface reflectance data Mrs Rebekah Singh T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 4559.pdf
2076 Observations on Intraplate Seismicity in Central Fennoscandia Dr. Annakaisa Korja T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 2076.pdf
1170 The first world Catalog of Earthquake-Rotated Objects (EROs): outline, statistical analyses, outlook Dr. Luigi Cucci T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 1170.pdf
1760 Numerical simulation of deep-hole resistivity anomaly caused by drilling construction in Xinfengjiang geoelectric station Dr. Xing Yan T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 1760.pdf
4697 Residual pore pressure analysis of Shuping landslide in Three Gorges Reservoir, China Dr. Weina Li T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 4697.pdf
1616 Using near real-time single frequency GPS network monitor deep seated landslides in active mountain belts Prof. Ching-Weei Lin T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 1616.pdf
3897 Estimation of the seismic risk in major cities of Gangwon province, Korea using shear-wave velocities Prof. Ki Young Kim T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 3897.pdf
239 The secondary hazard induced by seismic activity could be more threatening in karst mining area Dr. Zhiyong Li T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 239.pdf
4392 Rock Engineering awareness training and its benefits Mr. Leon Booyens T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 4392.pdf
3914 Feasibility test of joint maximum likelihood earthquake location with arrived and not-yet arrived data for early warning Prof. Dong-Hoon Sheen T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 3914.pdf
1493 Seasonal, long-term, and short-term deformation in the Central Range of Taiwan induced by landslides Dr. Ya-Ju Hsu T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 1493.pdf
1011 Western Pacific mega wave: a 2-kyr-long geological record in northern Taiwan Dr. Neng-Ti Yu T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 1011.pdf
2534 A comparative study of tunnel deformation by designing of auxiliary tunnels Prof. Haijun Zhao T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 2534.pdf
2979 Prediction of landslides considering the depth ratio of the wetting front Dr. Byung-Gon Chae T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 2979.pdf
624 Ravines in Angola. Causes and restraint methods. A.B Pinho T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 624.pdf
1022 Paleotsunami in Eastern Taiwan and its Implications Prof. Jiun-Yee Yen T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 1022.pdf
3715 Stress change and fault interaction from a two century-long earthquake sequence in the central Tell Atlas (Algeria) Prof. Abdelhakim Ayadi T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 3715.pdf
2943 Evaluation of seismic hazard at the northeastern part of Algeria Mr. Hamidatou Mouloud T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 2943.pdf
3194 Seismotectonics and Seismic Hazard Map of Tunisia (North Africa) Mr. Abdelkader Soumaya T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 3194.pdf
1870 Seismotectonic and Seismic Hazard Map of Tunisia (North Africa) Mr. Abdelkader Soumaya T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 1870.pdf
4450 Seismotectonics for Madagascar Ms. RAKOTONDRAIBE TSIRIANDRIMANANA T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 4450.pdf
1642 Seismicity studies of the Okavango Delta Region and the Environs, Botswana. Mr. Bokani Nthaba T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 1642.pdf
3802 Seismic zonation of Hispaniola Island for hazard assessment purposes Dr. Monique Terrier T8.P2 - Geohazards PDF icon 3802.pdf
1176 Strain partitioning and seismotectonics in the east margin of the Tibetan Plateau constrained by river landforms Prof. Shimin Zhang T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 1176.pdf
3772 Searching for the significant displacement zone of the 2014 Orkney earthquake fault with strain data and Map3Di for targeting scientific drilling. Mr. Akimasa Ishida T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 3772.pdf
3513 Differential uplift and incision of the Yakima River terraces, central Washington State, USA Dr Paul Bierman T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 3513.pdf
5183 Map and database of active faults in Slovenia Mr. Miloš Bavec T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 5183.pdf
1327 Shearing rate effect on residual strength of slip soils and its influence on the deformation characteristics of landslides Dr. Lunan WANG T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 1327.pdf
3146 A method to determine accurate hypocentrral parameters of shallow earthquakes including explosions Dr. Woohan Kim T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 3146.pdf
4109 Neoctonics of the Algerian continental margin: Blocks rotations evidenced by a paleomagnetic analysis Dr. Said Maouche T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 4109.pdf
4177 Evidence for Quaternary Reverse of Rattlesnake Mountain Fault, Yakima Fold Belt, Eastern Washington Ms. Kathryn Hanson T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 4177.pdf
3407 A site specific geological risk assessment of the proposed location of South Africa’s second nuclear power plant, Thyspunt, Eastern Cape Mrs. Debbie Claassen T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 3407.pdf
1168 Variation characteristics of tectonic stress tensors on Longmen-Shan fault belts and the new interpretation of the dynamics of Wenchuan earthquake Prof. Furen XIE T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 1168.pdf
3937 The 2014 Orkney M5.5: location of initial and main rupture origins and high energy sources Mr. Hiroyuki Ogasawara T8.P1 - Geohazards PDF icon 3937.pdf