35th IGC Sessions

35th International Geological Congress Sessions

Paper Numbersort ascending Title Presenting Author Session Abstract
4852 Review of Criteria for the Identification of Impact Structures on Earth Prof. Christian Koeberl T48.3 - Meteorite Impacts and Meteorite studies PDF icon 4852.pdf
4851 Soft-sediment deformation structures interpreted as seismites in Ediacaran carbonates (Bambuí Group, Brazil) MSc. Juliana Okubo T33.P5 - The Proterozoic Earth PDF icon 4851.pdf
4849 Preliminary study of altered carbonatites from Catanda, Angola Dr. Krystyna Wolkowicz T45.P3 - Instrumental, experimental and laboratory-based developments in the Geosciences PDF icon 4849.pdf
4844 Groundwater recharge quantification from historical rainfall records and salinity profiling in the RAMSAR listed Verlorenvlei catchment Ms. Anya Eilers T5.P2 - Groundwater and Hydrogeology PDF icon 4844.pdf
4843 Textural and geochemical characteristics, and process of formation, of ooids in the Mesoarchaean Pongola Supergroup, South Africa Professor Axel Hofmann T39.P3 - Evolution of the Biosphere and Biogeoscience PDF icon 4843.pdf
4842 The significance of Macael region (SE of Spain) in the use of the natural stone in Spain Dra. Dolores Pereira T15.2 - Dimension stone and building materials (sponsored by IAEG C-10, HSTG and IGCP 637) PDF icon 4842.pdf
4841 The Discovery of the Neoproterozoic rift-related felsic volcanic rocks in the northern margin of North China Craton: Implications for Rodinia reconstruction and mineral exploration Prof. Runmin Peng T33.13 - Mesoproterozoic Orogens PDF icon 4841.pdf
4840 Groundwater resources of the Danakil Depression (northeastern Ethiopia) – hydrogeology in the hottest place on Earth Mr. Dylan Blake T5.2 - Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of arid and semi-arid Africa: a tribute to W. M. Edmunds PDF icon 4840.pdf
4839 Mineral physics and surface observational constraints on the topographic uplift of the Southern African Plateau due to the African Superswell Prof. Alan Menzel-Jones T31.17 - Deep Imaging of the Crust and Lithosphere beneath the Continent and its geodynamics PDF icon 4839.pdf
4838 The thermometric data of the high-temperature vein quartz from Wadroze Wielkie area (Fore-Sudetic Block, Poland). Dr. Krystyna Wolkowicz T37.1 - Clays and Clay Minerals / Fluid and melt inclusion in Minerals PDF icon 4838.pdf
4837 The role of tourist attractions on the Southern Islands of Iran to development of sea-based Ms. Bita Mirzapour T1.2 - Geoheritage and Geoparks PDF icon 4837.pdf
4836 Two generations of gabbro in the Buem structural unit, southeastern Ghana. Constrains from petrography and geochemistry Mr. Daniel Kwayisi T36.P2 - Magmatism - Settings, Compositions and Processes PDF icon 4836.pdf
4835 The importance of non-formal education for geoconservation: the example of the Museum of Una – São José da Coroa Grande (Pernambuco, NE Brazil) Dr. Artur Sá T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 4835.pdf
4831 Holocene climate records from lake sediments in India: assessment of coherence across climate and latitudinal zones Dr. Sampat Tandon T28.8 - Climatic controls on sedimentary systems and processes PDF icon 4831.pdf
4830 Assessing the aeolian assumption Mr. Johan Smit T42.14 - Surficial Processes and Landscape Evolution PDF icon 4830.pdf
4829 Shallow and Upper Crustal Amplification of Seismic Waves Dr. Ganesh W. Rathod T8.17 - Challenges in Identifying and Characterising Seismogenic Faults in Non-Plate Boundary Settings PDF icon 4829.pdf
4828 Foreshock activity as a component of the seismic early warning Dr. Gerasimos Papadopoulos T8.1a - Geohazards: Prevention, risk reduction, early warning and preparedness PDF icon 4828.pdf
4827 Complex petrophysical investigation of pannonian-miocene shales – preliminary results of acoustic anisotropy measurements Mr. Péter János Koroncz T45.7 - Instrumental, experimental and laboratory-based developments in the Geosciences PDF icon 4827.pdf
4825 Europe and Japan: Common challenges and threats on the supply of mineral raw materials Dr Kip Jeffrey T26.2 - Understanding the Mineral Life Cycle PDF icon 4825.pdf
4824 The Influence of Sample Surface Preparation on Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy Results Dr. Christoph Hecker T9.12 - Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production / Analyzing Geohazards and Risk Using Remotely Sensed Derived Datasets PDF icon 4824.pdf
4823 Soft sedimentary deformation structures from the Kaladgi Basin, Dharwar craton, India: Reflections on tectonic evolution of a Proterozoic cratonic basin. Dr. Vivek Kale T29.3 - Rift basins and rifted margins: architecture and evolution PDF icon 4823.pdf
4820 Thermal evolution of early passive margins formation and consequences on their geophysical signature Prof. Romain Bousquet T29.3 - Rift basins and rifted margins: architecture and evolution PDF icon 4820.pdf
4819 Being better informed for a better quality of life in Africa and Europe – building bridge through PanAfGeo Mrs. Claudia Delfini T3.2 - Launch of PanAfGeo PDF icon 4819.pdf
4818 The vegetation changes and terrestrial ecosystem variations across the Triassic-Jurassic transitions in the Sichuan Basin, China: progresses and perspectives Prof. Yongdong Wang T47.7 - IGCP 630: Permian and Triassic integrated Stratigraphy and Climatic, Environmental and Biotic Extremes PDF icon 4818.pdf
4817 Geochemistry and Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution of Surma Basin, Mizoram, India Mr. BUBUL BHARALI T30.5 - Geology and Tectonics Of the Himalayan Orogenic Belt PDF icon 4817.pdf
4815 Cretaceous through Paleogene North American Drainage Reorganization from Detrital Zircons Dr. Mike Blum T28.13 - Detrital Zircons in Basin Analysis: Provenance Reconstruction, Chronostratigraphy, Sediment Routing PDF icon 4815.pdf
4814 Tsunami risk assessment with GIS methods: cost from building damage and evacuation mapping. Ms. IOANNA TRIANTAFYLLOU T8.2 - Geohazards and societal benefits: coping with reality / Risk evaluation and management in the 21st Century PDF icon 4814.pdf
4813 Creaming and the likelihood of discovering additional giant petroleum fields Prof. Richard Sinding-Larsen Prof Richard Sinding-Larsen T16.6 - Mineral Resources Evaluation, Geostatistics and Mathematical Geoscience PDF icon 4813.pdf
4811 Paleoclimatology study in Kanibarazan Wetland (south of Lake Urmia) Ms. Bita Mirzapour T4.P4 - Climate Change Studies PDF icon 4811.pdf
4808 Tectono-metamorphic history of granulite facies terrain of Balaram-Abu Road, North Gujarat, W. India : Implications for India –Madagascar connection in Gondwana Correlation Dr. Manoj Limaye T38.P1 - Metamorphic Processes PDF icon 4808.pdf
4804 High resolution U-Pb CA-ID-TIMS dating documents out of sequence emplacement of layering in the Upper Critical Zone of the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex, South Africa Dr. James Mungall T18.10a - Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 4804.pdf
4800 New records of fossil coniferous wood from the Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota in western Liaoning, NE China and palaeoclimate implications Dr. Yongdong Wang T47.12 - Cretaceous time scale and sea-level changes, and Cretaceous Asia-Pacific Ecosystems (IGCP 609, IGCP 608, ICDP Songliao basin) - Part 2 PDF icon 4800.pdf
4797 RAW MATERIALS FUTURES 2050: a review of recent and ongoing foresight exercises in Europe Vitor Correia T26.4 - The Urban Mine PDF icon 4797.pdf
4792 John Herschel's Landscapes and Geology: the Cape Colony in the 1830s Dr. Gregory Good T10.3 - History of Geology in Africa PDF icon 4792.pdf
4791 Surface water – groundwater interactions in alluvial contexts: constraints using single and multi-isotope tracers Dr. Emmanuelle PETELET-GIRAUD T35.5 - Isotope Geoscience PDF icon 4791.pdf
4790 Lacustrine expansion and carbon drawdown during the early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event Prof. Dr. Stephen P. Hesselbo T44.2 - IGCP 632 Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major extinction events and environmental changes PDF icon 4790.pdf
4788 Historical perspective, role and challenges in the use of geosciences information in mineral resources exploitation and in planning for social-economic development in Zambia. Mr. Vincent Kawamya T7.2 - Geoscience Information and Data in Africa PDF icon 4788.pdf
4787 The EU International observatory for raw materials: Enhancing framework conditions for a stable supply of raw materials Vitor Correia T26.4 - The Urban Mine PDF icon 4787.pdf
4786 Early angiosperms of Siberia Dr. Lina Golovneva T47.12 - Cretaceous time scale and sea-level changes, and Cretaceous Asia-Pacific Ecosystems (IGCP 609, IGCP 608, ICDP Songliao basin) - Part 2 PDF icon 4786.pdf
4784 Magmatic origin of ‘Kiruna-type’ apatite-iron-oxide ores revealed by Fe-O isotope correlations Prof. Valentin Troll T18.16 - The Wiwatersrand Goldfields PDF icon 4784.pdf
4783 The Regional Geological Setting of the Haib Porphyry-Copper Deposit, southern Namibia Mr. Gerhard Shifotoka T3.P3 - Public Sector Geoscience and Geological Surveys PDF icon 4783.pdf
4781 Low-latitude terrestrial climate cooling event in the Late Triassic (Norian-Rhaetian): palaeobotanical evidence from the Sichuan Basin, southern China Prof. Yongdong Wang T44.2 - IGCP 632 Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major extinction events and environmental changes PDF icon 4781.pdf
4779 Characterisation of precipitates formed in anaerobic and aerobic units designed to treat acid mine drainage from an abandoned coal mine in Carolina, Mpumalanga (South Africa) Mr. Obed Novhe T14.5 - Environmental Aspects in the Mining Industry PDF icon 4779.pdf
4778 Depositional environment and their bearing on some coal bed parameters Mr. Bamidele Oresajo T19.P2 - Coal PDF icon 4778.pdf
4777 Locating the depth of magma supply for volcanic eruptions Mr. Harri Geiger T46.P5 - Volcanology PDF icon 4777.pdf
4775 Are the Alps an alpine-type orogeny? A multi-disciplinary mapping project Prof. Romain Bousquet T7.3 - CGMW: International Geoscience Maps in the 21st Century PDF icon 4775.pdf
4774 A brief pulse of Archean granulite-facies metamorphism: the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, US Dr. Mark Caddick T38.11 - Challenges in ultrahigh-temperature (UHT) granulite metamorphism and crustal melting PDF icon 4774.pdf
4773 Self-consistent thermo-chemical modelling of the lithosphere beneath the West African Craton Prof. Alan Jones T33.12 - Geodynamics and metallogenesis of the West African Craton PDF icon 4773.pdf
4770 Magma plumbing to the 2014-15 Holuhraun eruption, Iceland Mr. Harri Geiger T36.3 - LIPs/Alkali Complexes PDF icon 4770.pdf
4769 New multiproxy record of the Jenkyns Event (a.k.a. Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event) from the Mecsek Mountains (Hungary) Dr. József Pálfy T47.10 - Cretaceous sea-level changes and Asia-Pacific Cretaceous Ecosystems (IGCP 609, IGCP 608, ICDP Songliao basin) PDF icon 4769.pdf