35th IGC Sessions

35th International Geological Congress Sessions

Paper Number Titlesort ascending Presenting Author Session Abstract
1117 The timing of the closure of southern Tianshan Paleozoic Ocean: evidence from detrital zircon dating in Northwestern Tarim margin Prof. Jinyi Li T30.8 - Geodynamic and metallogenic processes in the Tianshan orogen and adjacent areas, Central Asia PDF icon 1117.pdf
1299 The timing of mantle metasomatism revealed by diffusion profiles in zoned garnet crystals – a nanoSIMS study Dr. Brendan Hanger T38.12 - Microscale is the key: microstructural and microchemical studies of metamorphic processes to unravel compositional and geodynamic evolution of the Earth PDF icon 1299.pdf
2661 The Time that Geology Forget – What Dykes in the Sydney Basin tell us about the Volcanic Evolution of the East Australian Continental Margin. Ms. Helen Baxter T43.12 - Rock Deformation and Structural Geology PDF icon 2661.pdf
4719 The three-dimensional description for fracture-cavity carbonate reservoirs in Tahe Oilfield, Tarim Basin Mr. Changcheng Han T20.P2 - Petroleum Systems and Exploration PDF icon 4719.pdf
2115 The three geochemical atlases of Europe Mr. ALECOS DEMETRIADES T3.5 - Mapping the geochemistry of the Earth’s surface at global to local scales (3rd Arthur Darnley Symposium) PDF icon 2115.pdf
4838 The thermometric data of the high-temperature vein quartz from Wadroze Wielkie area (Fore-Sudetic Block, Poland). Dr. Krystyna Wolkowicz T37.1 - Clays and Clay Minerals / Fluid and melt inclusion in Minerals PDF icon 4838.pdf
1081 The Tethys history in Southeast Iran: a tale from Makran and Sistan. Prof. Jean-Pierre Burg T30.10a - Tectonics of Tethys with an Emphasis on the Geology of Turkey and Iran, and Comparison with Other Tethyan Domains PDF icon 1081.pdf
710 The terrestrial end-Permian mass extinction in South China Dr. Shuzhong Shen T47.4 - Permian global events and correlations PDF icon 710.pdf
3721 The tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Cádiz Basin (Gulf of Cádiz, Spain) in the Neogene and Quaternary: Its theoretical implications on hydrocarbon prospectivity Dr. F. Javier Hernández-Molina T29.P2 - Basin Formation and Continental Margins
1373 The Tectonic Setting and Evolution of the Longmen Shan in Later Triassic, the Eastern margin of Tibet Plateau, SW China Mr. Bin Chen T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1373.pdf
676 The Tectonic Map of the East Siberian Sea: the Undisturbed Paleozoic Cover (According to the Data Acquired by MAGE) Prof. Gennady Ivanov T41.11 - Geological and tectonic evolution of the Arctic PDF icon 676.pdf
1113 The tectonic features of the west Pacific margin and the formation of South China Sea Dr. Xuejie Li T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1113.pdf
2528 The tectonic evolution of UHP metamorphic belt of SW Tianshan, China Prof. Lifei Zhang T38.15 - HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts PDF icon 2528.pdf
3803 The tectonic evolution of the main gold-producing region of the Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa Prof. Carl Anhaeusser T32.16 - The Barberton drilling project / Early Earth Mineral Systems PDF icon 3803.pdf
5059 The tailings pond of Cinovec deposit (Czech Republic) as non-traditional source of lithium Mr. Jiri Malis T25.P2 - Critical metals - a global perspective PDF icon 5059.pdf
3424 The systematic metamorphic pattern along the Qinling-Dabie-Hongseong collision belt between the North and South China blocks and its tectonic meaning Professor Chang Whan Oh T30.14 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 3424.pdf
2071 The Supersphere Characters: Children’s Books (up to 5 years) Promoting Geoscience and Environmental Education Mrs. Gisele Vasconcelos T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 2071.pdf
5471 The subsurface structure of the Congo basin: Gravity signatures, isostatic anomaly and seismic constraints Mr. Chengdong Liu T29.16 - New insights into the evolution of the East African and Arabian rift systems from multidisciplinary data and numerical models / Unravelling the history of cratonic sedimentary basins PDF icon 5471.pdf
5115 The Study on the Mechanism for Weak Anomaly Spectral Response of Porphyry Copper Mineralization Alteration Mrs. Zhifang Zhao T9.P5 - Proximal and Remote Sensing Technologies PDF icon 5115.pdf
1601 The study of thermal effect on turbidites of Taciba Formation (Permian), south of Paraná Basin, Brazil, using X-ray microtomography and palynofacies Mr. Lucas Vieira T20.P2 - Petroleum Systems and Exploration PDF icon 1601.pdf
2543 The study of Sedimentary Characteristic and Tectonic Setting on the Devonian, Eastern Qinling Orogenic Belt,China Dr. Jiang Xiaojun T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 2543.pdf
1653 The study of groundwater contamination hazard in megacities by mathematical methods (the cases of Moscow, Russia and Hyderabad, India) Dr. Irina Galitskaya T14.9 - Geological controls on the quantitative risk assessment of contaminants in shallow soils and groundwater (human health and eco-toxicology); the importance of a good conceptual site model prior to remediation PDF icon 1653.pdf
1167 The Structure and Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture Evolution of Rifting Stage, Lishu Faulted-depression, Songliao Basin, China Prof. Hongyu Wang T29.2 - Rift basins and rifted margins: architecture and evolution PDF icon 1167.pdf
1191 The structure and morphology of heterogeneous acoustic basement of the Eastern Arctic Dr. Pavel Rekant T41.11 - Geological and tectonic evolution of the Arctic PDF icon 1191.pdf
549 The Structural Mapping of an Ocean - data and information Mr. Peter Miles T7.4 - CGMW: International Geoscience Maps in the 21st Century PDF icon 549.pdf
2374 The Structural Map of the South China Sea ; Highlighting the Main Tertiary Events Dr. Manuel Pubellier T7.P1 - Geoscience Data and Information Systems PDF icon 2374.pdf
1529 The structural characteristics of the northern part of Adana Basin, southern Turkey Dr. Halil Yusufoglu T30.10a - Tectonics of Tethys with an Emphasis on the Geology of Turkey and Iran, and Comparison with Other Tethyan Domains PDF icon 1529.pdf
3481 The stratigraphic, petrographic and geochemical subdivision of the upper manganese ore bed of the Hotazel Formation at Kudumane Mining Resources, Northern Cape Province. Ms. Nkhensani Hlongwani T18.P3 - Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 3481.pdf
1591 The Stratigraphic Table of Germany revisited: 2016 Dr. Manfred Menning T47.P2 - Phanerozoic Earth History, Stratigraphy and the Geologic Time Scale PDF icon 1591.pdf
517 The Strategic Plan of the Australian Geoscience Council – development, implementation and early results Dr. Bill Shaw T2.11 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 517.pdf
2141 The Steilrandberg of Namibia: relict or reentrant? Prof. Mary Hubbard T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 2141.pdf
2877 The statistical distribution pattern of zinc concentrations at Belousovskoye deposit (Rudny Altai) Katerina Petrich T16.P3 - Mineral Resources Evaluation, Geostatistics and Mathematical Geoscience PDF icon 2877.pdf
4322 The Statherian El Renegado Granite Nappe (Nico Pérez Terrane, Uruguay), and its tectonic emplacement in the latest Ediacaran-Early Cambrian Dr. Claudio Gaucher T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 4322.pdf
5343 The Stability of Tibetan Continental Mantle Lithosphere Prof. Gregory Houseman T31.12 - Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary PDF icon 5343.pdf
3591 The Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Geological Reference of France Dr. Marc URVOIS T7.6 - Geoscience Spatial Data Infrastructures PDF icon 3591.pdf
2062 The southern Brazilian and West African margins: drilling results and exploratory perspectives Dr. Webster Mohriak T29.8 - Basin analysis and petroleum exploration offshore Brazil and the conjugate margins in Angola, Namibia and South Africa PDF icon 2062.pdf
4620 The South-Eastern Baltic Sea floor mapping Mr. Dmitriy Dorokhov T40.P4 - Marine Geosciences and Oceanography PDF icon 4620.pdf
5452 The south eastern ‘basement’ complex of South Sudan Mr. Timothy Marais T7.2 - Geoscience Information and Data in Africa PDF icon 5452.pdf
3834 The South Africa geological suitability for underground source heat pump system (USHP) Prof. Antonio Galgaro T3.3 - Geological mapping of Africa – a key for sustainable use of earth resources PDF icon 3834.pdf
5307 The sources of ore-forming materials from the Anqing skarn type Cu-Fe deposit, Anhui Province, China Mr. Guangshu Yang T18.2 - Ore-forming processes associated with hypabyssal magmatic and related volcanic systems (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 5307.pdf
876 The sources of magmatic rocks matter of the Arctic Ocean and the Central Atlantic Ocean from isotopic geochemical data Dr. Alexander Kremenetskiy T41.P4 - Arctic and Antarctic Geoscience PDF icon 876.pdf
4028 The source of sulfur in the Mesoarchaean gold deposits of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, southern Africa Dr. Andrea Agangi T32.16 - The Barberton drilling project / Early Earth Mineral Systems PDF icon 4028.pdf
3267 The source of methane-bearing diamond fluids: C-N isotope and trace element constraints from Zimbabwe diamonds Dr. Karen Smit T30.7B - The dynamic Earth and its Kimberlite, Cratonic Mantle and Diamond record through time PDF icon 3267.pdf
3709 The Sn, Nb, Ta, F (REE, U, Th) world class deposit and the massive cryolite deposit associated with the albite-enriched facies of the Madeira A-type granite, Pitinga, Amazonas State, Brazil. Dr. Artur Bastos Neto T25.7 - Critical Metals in Intracontinental Geodynamic Settings PDF icon 3709.pdf
3955 The silver-tin ?reformation types field central of Tajikistan Mr. Pirov Dzhomi Mr. Abdulhaq Fa?ziev T13.P4 - Geosciences for Benefitting Low-income Countries PDF icon 3955.pdf
602 The Silurian- Carboniferous in the north and south of Karamaili tectonic zone (Xinjiang): Tectono- Sedimentation Dr. Lei Zhao T30.7 - Geodynamic and metallogenic processes in the Tianshan orogen and adjacent areas, Central Asia PDF icon 602.pdf
4041 The significance of zircon in oceanic mantle peridotites and chromitites Dr. Paul T Robinson T31.15 - Diamonds and Crustal Recycling into Deep Mantle PDF icon 4041.pdf
4938 The significance of trace element composition of Fe-Ti oxides on deciphering the PGE fractionation in layered mafic intrusions: an example from the Dufek Intrusion, Antarctica Mrs. Ricarda Hanemann T18.P4 - Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 4938.pdf
4842 The significance of Macael region (SE of Spain) in the use of the natural stone in Spain Dra. Dolores Pereira T15.2 - Dimension stone and building materials (sponsored by IAEG C-10, HSTG and IGCP 637) PDF icon 4842.pdf
3255 The Seismotectonic Map of Africa Dr. Mustapha Meghraoui T8.5 - Subaerial and submarine landslide processes and hazards / Crustal deformation and seismotectonics in Africa: Active faulting and earthquake hazard assessment PDF icon 3255.pdf