35th IGC Symposia

35th International Geological Congress Symposia

Paper Number Titlesort descending Presenting Author Session Abstract
2804 U-Pb dating of Detrital Zircons and Its Geological Significance from Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation in the Southwestern Margin of Ordos Basin Ms. Di Sun Mr. Zheng Dong T28.P4 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 2804.pdf
1281 U-PB DETRITAL ZIRCON SIGNATURES OF MISSISSIPPIAN CLASTIC ROCKS AND THEIR TECTONIC IMPLICATIONS, SOUTHERN MID-CONTINENT, UNITED STATES Dr. Xiangyang Xie T28.14 - Detrital Zircons in Basin Analysis: Provenance Reconstruction, Chronostratigraphy, Sediment Routing / Continental Sedimentation PDF icon 1281.pdf
1512 U-Pb evidence for rapid formation of the Nohi Rhyolite, one of the largest caldera-forming volcanic complexes on Earth Dr. Hiroyuki Hoshi T46.P5 - Volcanology PDF icon 1512.pdf
1890 U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry of volcanic rocks in the Manzhouli-Erguna, northeastern China and tectonic implications Ms. Wing Sum Regine Tsui T30.13 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 1890.pdf
2503 U-Pb geochronology and Nd isotope contributions to the interpretation of a peculiar ring massif: the Santa Eulália plutonic complex (SW Iberia, Portugal) Prof. Luís Lopes T35.P2 - Isotope Geoscience PDF icon 2503.pdf
1980 U-Pb SIMS SHRIMP-II titanite age and time-range of apatite-titanite mineralization of Lovozero and Khibiny agpaitic massifs Dr. Oleg Petrov T34.P1 - Geochronology PDF icon 1980.pdf
524 U-Pb zircon ages from the Aravalli Craton and Vindhyan Supergroup sediments, Rajasthan – discussion of tectonic implications Dr. Sojen Joy T33.9 - Crustal Evolution in the Indian Peninsula: Special Reference to Central Indian Craton PDF icon 524.pdf
5105 U-Pb zircon data from mid-Neoproterozoic strata of the Steilrandberg, northern Namibia: Establishing a “barcode” for the Northern foreland of the Damara Belt Dr. Mary Hubbard T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 5105.pdf
5362 U-Pb, O and Hf isotope study of detrital zircon from lower Palaeozoic sandstones sitting on the Precambrian unconformity of Saudi Arabia. Prof. Martin Whitehouse T28.P4 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 5362.pdf
2264 U-Pb-Hf isotopic characteristics of the Jurassic granitoids in the Jiaodong area and their tectonic significance Mr. Dong Wang T34.4 - Geochronology PDF icon 2264.pdf
2501 U-Th-Pb and Hf isotopic studies of zircon from the West Congo Belt of NW Angola and the adjacent igneous basement Mr. Andreas Gärtner T30.7a - Supercontinent Cycles and Global Geodynamics (convened by IGCP 648) PDF icon 2501.pdf
4927 U-Th-Pb isotope behaviour in zircon, monazite, apatite, allanite, xenotime, titanite and rutile: deciphering high-temperature poly-metamorphism by in situ LA-SF-ICP-MS dating of accessory minerals Dr. Jeanne Taylor T38.14 - Microscale is the key: microstructural and microchemical studies of metamorphic processes to unravel compositional and geodynamic evolution of the Earth PDF icon 4927.pdf
1588 UHT metamorphism from In Ouzzal terrane (Hoggar, southern Algeria) Prof. khadidja Ouzegane T38.11 - Challenges in ultrahigh-temperature (UHT) granulite metamorphism and crustal melting PDF icon 1588.pdf
1748 Ultra-high precision 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of volcanic rocks, using an ARGUSVI multi-collector mass spectrometer Dr. David Phillips T46.14 - Volcanology - Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry PDF icon 1748.pdf
1398 Unconformities aid the stratigraphic division of strata in a formerly glaciated semi-enclosed basin: the Baltic Sea prototype Dr. Joonas Virtasalo T40.P4 - Marine Geosciences and Oceanography PDF icon 1398.pdf
407 Unconventional oil and gas wells horizontal wells preferred demonstration analysis Dr. Si Guo T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 407.pdf
1345 Unconventional potential of the Lower Paleozoic strata in the Lublin-Podlasie Basin (eastern Poland) Dr. Pawel Kosakowski T21.P4 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 1345.pdf
4274 Unconventional proposals for prevention of environmental/social risks Dr. Francesca Lugeri T12.1 - Geoethics - General Aspects PDF icon 4274.pdf
3681 Understanding Continental Uplift through Watershed Analysis Dr. Thomas Blenkinsop T30.15 - Dynamic Africa: integrating constraints on the post-Gondwana topographic evolution of Africa and adjacent continents from the core mantle boundary PDF icon 3681.pdf
791 Understanding disaster risk through building knowledge capacity – A best practice example from Latin America to leverage the Hyogo/Sendai-Framework for Action Dr. Dirk Balzer T8.1 - Geohazards PDF icon 791.pdf
5014 Understanding Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes - The Self-Organisation Concept and its Importance to the Search for New Mineral Resources Dr. Sabine Dietrich T18.17a - Crustal Evolution, Geodynamics and Mineral Systems / Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 5014.pdf
2539 Understanding the International Pool of Recent Geoscience Graduates Ms. Carolyn Wilson T3.9 - Public Sector Geoscience and Geological Surveys PDF icon 2539.pdf
2525 Understanding the onset of Andean subduction: New Sr and Nd isotopic data from late Paleozoic to late Triassic magmatism in northern Chile Dr.(c) Osvaldo González-Maurel T30.16B - The Tectonic Evolution of Gondwana IGCP 628
5493 Understanding the origin of groundwater in the Evander basin goldfields to assist mine water management during closure, South Africa Mr. Mohammed Musthafa Khaleel T18.16 - The Wiwatersrand Goldfields PDF icon 5493.pdf
3528 Understanding the Process of Co-Constructive Learning with Scientific Modeling in Geological Field Trip. Jr. Yoon-Sung Choi T2.8 - Geoscience Education at school level PDF icon 3528.pdf
5276 Understanding the progression of leaching in microwave treated particles using X-ray Computed tomography (XCT) analysis Dr. Edson Charikinya T23.P4 - Applied Mineralogy and Geometallurgy PDF icon 5276.pdf
3665 Unecso Global Geoparks Prof. Patrick Mc Keever T1.7 - Heritage, conservation and management / Geoheritage and Geoparks PDF icon 3665.pdf
4532 UNESCO Chair “Geoparks, Regional Sustainable Development and Healthy Lifestyles”: an innovative tool for capacity building in Geoparks Dr. Artur Sá T1.P2 - Geoheritage and Conservation PDF icon 4532.pdf
2808 UNESCO Cultural heritage Vs. Natural hazards at European scale. The PROTHEGO project. Dr. Daniele Spizzichino T1.P1 - Geoheritage and Conservation
1196 Uniformity of Uranium Deposits in Mineralization ages and H-O isotopes, South China: Implications for their Genesis Dr. Chuang Zhang T30.P4 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 1196.pdf
4696 Uniqueness of the Jiaodong terrane constrained by the Penglai Group, Eastern China Prof. Hongyan Li T18.17a - Crustal Evolution, Geodynamics and Mineral Systems / Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes PDF icon 4696.pdf
1325 United Nations Framework Classification 2009 Mr. Sean Davids T22.7 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain PDF icon 1325.pdf
2208 Universal grid of planetary faults and displacement of minerals deposits Dr. Pavel Nagevich T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 2208.pdf
675 Unlocking Key Factors of Liquid-Rich-Shales: Massive Resource Area & Sweet Area Evaluation Dr. Zhi Yang T21.16 - Shale gas basins and their resource assessment: global perspectives and challenges / Tight oil and gas reservoirs: recent developments and future challenges / Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 675.pdf
720 Unraveling biological information from early single-celled eukaryotes in the Paleo-Mesoproterozoic Ruyang Group, North China Dr. Ke Pang T44.10 - Origin and diversification of Precambrian eukaryotes PDF icon 720.pdf
156 Unravelling caldera-forming gigantic eruptions by Quaternary zircon U-Pb dating Dr. Hisatoshi Ito T34.2 - Geochronology PDF icon 156.pdf
2400 Unravelling short-term climate and sea-level changes in a greenhouse world – Evidence from the Cretaceous (IGCP 609) Dr. Benjamin Sames T47.10 - Cretaceous sea-level changes and Asia-Pacific Cretaceous Ecosystems (IGCP 609, IGCP 608, ICDP Songliao basin) PDF icon 2400.pdf
5599 Unravelling the geology beneath the Meso-Cenozoic sedimentary cover of the intracratonic Paris Basin - Part 1: new insights from seismic and potential field methods Dr. Laurent Beccaletto T29.17 - Unravelling the history of cratonic sedimentary basins PDF icon 5599.pdf
1221 Unravelling the geology beneath the Meso-Cenozoic sedimentary cover of the intracratonic Paris Basin - Part 2: geological mapping of the buried Variscan basement combining aeromagnetic, gravity and petrophysical data Dr. Laurent Beccaletto T29.P5 - Basin Formation and Continental Margins PDF icon 1221.pdf
5600 Unravelling the geology beneath the Meso-Cenozoic sedimentary cover of the intracratonic Paris Basin - Part 3: using seismic data to decipher the structural evolution and sedimentary record of the Stephano-Permian basins Dr. Laurent Beccaletto T29.P5 - Basin Formation and Continental Margins PDF icon 5600.pdf
2853 Unusual very positive enrichment of 13C in carbonate sediments deposited in modern hypersaline environment, Lagoa Salgada, Brazil: Indicator of salinity controlled metabolic processes Dr. Crisogono Vasconcelos T39.P3 - Evolution of the Biosphere and Biogeoscience PDF icon 2853.pdf
2121 Unveiling East Antarctica and its supercontinental linkages with geophysical imaging Dr. Fausto Ferraccioli T41.16 - Precambrian Geology of Antarctica PDF icon 2121.pdf
1289 Up-warp and down-warp characteristic of strike-slip fault zone and its geological significance in the mid-eastern part of the Trim Basion Northwest China Mr. Renhai Pu T2.P3 - Geoscience Education and Public Communication PDF icon 1289.pdf
3864 Upgrading a National Data Repository to a Key Register Mr. Stephan Gruijters T7.6 - Geoscience Spatial Data Infrastructures PDF icon 3864.pdf
755 Uplift-denudation of Peripheral Orogenic Belts control on the Formation of Sandstone Type Uranium (U) Deposits in Junggar Basin, Northwest China: Implication from Apatite Fission Track Research Ms. Jiye Song T30.P3 - A Dynamic Earth PDF icon 755.pdf
1076 Upper Cretaceous to recent paleo-submarine channel seismic stratigraphy in the Southern Orange Basin, offshore South Africa Mr. Jonathan Salomo T20.6 - T20.4 - Petroleum systems of the Atlantic margin of Africa (convened by BP Plc) / Off-shore petroleum systems of eastern Africa (convened by ENI S.p.A.) PDF icon 1076.pdf
3382 Upper Pleistocene Palaeoclimate and Palaeoenvironmental evolution of Kivu Dr. Chantal K. Nzabandora T4.15 - Understanding Tropical Climate Change from geological perspectives through multi-dimensional approach PDF icon 3382.pdf
1599 Upper Triassic hydroexplosive breccia: a possible new diamondiferous formation of Arctic Siberi Dr Mikhail Naumov T41.12 - Geological and tectonic evolution of the Arctic PDF icon 1599.pdf