35th IGC Symposia

35th International Geological Congress Symposia

Paper Number Title Presenting Authorsort ascending Session Abstract
5075 Matching mining and geoscience focussed education with industry needs and demand: Lessons from INTRAW’s reference countries. Prof. Kip Jeffrey T2.17 - Place-based and culturally informed geoscience education / Sustainable Geoscience: embedding Earth stewardship in geo-education PDF icon 5075.pdf
3897 Estimation of the seismic risk in major cities of Gangwon province, Korea using shear-wave velocities Prof. Ki Young Kim T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 3897.pdf
1848 Characteristics of band-limited ambient seismic noise in South Korea Prof. Ki Young Kim T8.P4 - Geohazards PDF icon 1848.pdf
963 Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulphide Deposits in mainland SE Asia: Their Potential and Prospectivity Prof. khin Zaw T18.2 - Ore-forming processes associated with hypabyssal magmatic and related volcanic systems (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 963.pdf
1588 UHT metamorphism from In Ouzzal terrane (Hoggar, southern Algeria) Prof. khadidja Ouzegane T38.11 - Challenges in ultrahigh-temperature (UHT) granulite metamorphism and crustal melting PDF icon 1588.pdf
1257 An empire of water, islands of fire: Perspectives on 18th-century geology Prof. Kenneth Taylor T10.1 - General contributuions on the history of geology PDF icon 1257.pdf
3931 Detection of Fractures Acting as Hydrothermal Fluid Path by Lineament Analysis and Radon Gas Measurement Prof. Katsuaki Koike T22.P3 - Energy in a Carbon Constrained World PDF icon 3931.pdf
3094 Low temperature synthesis of hydrocarbon fluid-bearing crystals Prof. Katarzyna Jarmolowicz-Szulc T37.1 - Clays and Clay Minerals / Fluid and melt inclusion in Minerals PDF icon 3094.pdf
3095 Past, present and future status of the National Geological Archives in Poland Prof. Katarzyna Jarmolowicz-Szulc T10.6 - General contributuions on the history of geology PDF icon 3095.pdf
2338 Transformation hybrid oceanic lithosphere into continent and enigma of Paleozoic Asian continental growth Prof. Karel Schulmann T30.13 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 2338.pdf
97 Delineation of low Order Palaeochannels of Lost river Saraswati in the Indian desert Prof. Kanhaiya Lal Shricastava T5.P3 - Groundwater and Hydrogeology PDF icon 97.pdf
670 Prediction of the shear strength of discontinuities by a single shear test Prof. Kamil Kayabali T15.11 - Slope stability - analysis, investigation and remediation / Soil and rock mechanics PDF icon 670.pdf
672 Prediction of consistency limits and undrained shear strength by a single and simple tool Prof. Kamil Kayabali T15.12 - Soil and rock mechanics PDF icon 672.pdf
4995 Identification of rocks using a hyperspectral supercontinuum lidar Prof. Jussi Leveinen T9.11 - Spectral Geology in Exploration (minerals, hydrocarbon, geothermal) and Production PDF icon 4995.pdf
5156 Katian (Upper Ordovician) – Aeronian (Lower Silurian) carbon isotope excursions in South China Prof. Junxuan Fan T47.15 - Early Paleozoic World PDF icon 5156.pdf
5484 Climatic controls on the formation of evaporitic sequences and associated brine deposits in the Qaidam Basin, northern Tibet-Qinghai Plateau, China Prof. Junqing Yu T28.11 - Clastic Marine Depositional Systems / Climatic controls on sedimentary systems and processes PDF icon 5484.pdf
1409 Formation and evolution of the Huangling basement in Yangtze craton, South China Prof. Junqi Wei T32.P5 - The Hadean and Archaean Earth PDF icon 1409.pdf
4957 Geochemical Fingerprinting of Granites Revisited Prof. Julian Pearce T36.5 - Granite Keynotes PDF icon 4957.pdf
5236 The critical role of the Bushveld magmatic event for a modern society Prof. Judith Kinnaird T25.5 - General / Critical Metals in Intracontinental Geodynamic Settings PDF icon 5236.pdf
5237 Uranium in Africa Prof. Judith Kinnaird T18.11 - Major Mineral Deposits of Africa (sponsored by Vale) PDF icon 5237.pdf
5238 Tin in Africa Prof. Judith Kinnaird T18.11 - Major Mineral Deposits of Africa (sponsored by Vale) PDF icon 5238.pdf
5347 South Africa's Triassic-Jurassic sauropodomorph fauna: phylogenetic fit to stratigraphy, evolutionary rates, and the biased appearance of characters in time Prof. Jonah Choiniere T44.5 - Palaeozoic-Mesozoic Ecosystems of Gondwana PDF icon 5347.pdf
4442 Speleothems as monitors of landscape evolution Prof. Jon Woodhead T34.2 - Geochronology PDF icon 4442.pdf
389 Trends in geoscience professional ethics indicated by National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG®) surveys of the practicing profession Prof. John Williams T12.10 - Ethical Practice In Geoscience PDF icon 389.pdf
3220 The Gawler Range Volcanics: Petrogenesis of a Silicic Large Igneous Provence. Prof. John Foden T36.1 - Large Igneous Provinces
1177 Phosphorite deposits on the Namibian shelf Prof. John Compton T18.12a - Trace element analysis of minerals: applications in ore geology (Sponsored by IAGOD) / Phosphate deposits: state of the art and further potential PDF icon 1177.pdf
4279 The rapid kinetics of fluid-catalyzed exsolution processes in hydrothermal systems Prof. Joel Brugger T38.12 - Microscale is the key: microstructural and microchemical studies of metamorphic processes to unravel compositional and geodynamic evolution of the Earth PDF icon 4279.pdf
2917 Impact of fog and dew induced sand moisture on barchan dune asymmetry, the example from Western Sahara Prof. Joanna Rotnicka T42.13 - Evolution of sand seas: past, present...and future? PDF icon 2917.pdf
1022 Paleotsunami in Eastern Taiwan and its Implications Prof. Jiun-Yee Yen T8.P3 - Geohazards PDF icon 1022.pdf
1117 The timing of the closure of southern Tianshan Paleozoic Ocean: evidence from detrital zircon dating in Northwestern Tarim margin Prof. Jinyi Li T30.8 - Geodynamic and metallogenic processes in the Tianshan orogen and adjacent areas, Central Asia PDF icon 1117.pdf
2552 Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Facies Analysis of Shahejie Formation in Nanpu Sag of Bohai Bay Basin ,China Prof. jinliang Zhang Mr. zhongqiang Sun T28.P3 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 2552.pdf
990 Determination of Late Triassic-Early Jurassic basic volcanic rocks of the former Paleo-proterozoic Xiong’er group on the southwestern margin of the North China Craton and its geological significance Prof. Jinhai Luo T28.P4 - Sedimentary Processes - ancient to modern PDF icon 990.pdf
53 Petroleum Accumulation: from Continuous to Discontinuous Prof. Jingzhou Zhao T21.13 - Shale gas basins of the southern hemisphere: stratigraphy, sedimentary environments, climate history, tectonics, and structural evolution PDF icon 53.pdf
22 Petroleum System: from Conventional to Unconventional Prof. Jingzhou Zhao T20.P1 - Petroleum Systems and Exploration PDF icon 22.pdf
1218 Pollution Characteristics of Nitrogen and Isotopic Analysis of Shallow Groundwater in the Sewage Irrigation Areas of Kuihe River, China Prof. Jinguo Wang T14.P3 - Environmental Geosciences PDF icon 1218.pdf
2173 Diamond-bearing Ophiolites and Their Geological Occurrence Prof. Jingsui Yang T31.15 - Diamonds and Crustal Recycling into Deep Mantle PDF icon 2173.pdf
2231 The rational development and exploitation of groundwater in the Hutuo-river alluvial fan in the North China Plain Prof. Jingli Shao T5.P3 - Groundwater and Hydrogeology PDF icon 2231.pdf
1981 Sandstone reservoir chronological tightening attributed to their mineral components and differential burial-diagenetic evolution - A case study of the He 8 Group, Upper Paleozoic from the eastern Ordos Basin Prof. Jinglan Luo T21.P5 - Unconventional Hydrocarbons and Emerging Fuels PDF icon 1981.pdf
2789 Temporal and spatial distribution pattern of the marine-brackish-water bivalve Waagenoperna in China and its implications for Triassic?Jurassic transition climate and palaeogeography Prof. Jingeng Sha T44.2 - IGCP 632 Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major extinction events and environmental changes PDF icon 2789.pdf
5167 Metallogenic Characteristics of the Gangdese and the Bangonghu Copper Metallogenic Belt, Tibet, China Prof. Jin-Hua YE T17.6 - From Ore Deposits to Global Metallogeny: implications for exploration success (Sponsored by IAGOD) PDF icon 5167.pdf
915 preliminary study on the acid-remove rate for trace element from the different rank of coal Prof. jianye yang T19.P2 - Coal PDF icon 915.pdf
970 Early Paleozoic polyphase metamorphism and orogenesis in northern Tibet, China Prof. Jianxin Zhang T38.15 - HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts PDF icon 970.pdf
2664 Subduction, accretion and closure of Proto-Tethyan Ocean: Early Paleozoic accretion/collision orogeny in the Altun-Qilian-North Qaidam orogenic system, northern Tibet of China Prof. Jianxin Zhang T30.17B - The Tectonic Evolution of Gondwana IGCP 628 PDF icon 2664.pdf
122 Quantitative prediction and evaluation of seafloor hydrothermal sulfide resources in the Indian Ocean Prof. Jianping Chen T17.11 - Quantitative geoscience data analysis for mineral exploration targeting PDF icon 122.pdf
3642 Onychophorans: a key role in understanding arthropod origins? Prof. Jianni Liu T44.8 - The Dawn of Animals: Cryogenian to Cambrian PDF icon 3642.pdf
4869 Sequential Gaussian Simulation in the Gangjiang Copper-polymetallic Deposit of Nimu, Tibet, China Prof. JIANGUO CHEN T16.6 - Mineral Resources Evaluation, Geostatistics and Mathematical Geoscience PDF icon 4869.pdf
4641 Mineral Resource Assessment of Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposits in Gobi Desert Landscape of Eastern Tianshan, China Prof. JIANGUO CHEN T17.12 - Quantitative geoscience data analysis for mineral exploration targeting PDF icon 4641.pdf
2424 Distinct structural evolution of two contrasting litho-tectonic domains in the Chinese Altai: unravelling a complicated accretionary process of the western Central Asia Orogenic Belt Prof. Jian Zhang T30.13 - Reconstruction of East Asian Blocks in Pangea PDF icon 2424.pdf
2232 Counting land carbon storage in Guizhou Province, southwestern China Prof. Jian Ni T4.6 - Palaeosols, palaeoweathering profiles and polygenetic soils indicators of climate change PDF icon 2232.pdf
513 The real process of river capture in mountainous regions Prof. Jiagui Zhang T42.P4 - Surficial Processes and Landscape Evolution PDF icon 513.pdf