AGI Announces Incoming Foundation Trustees for 2018

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February 27, 2018
ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is honored to name three outstanding individuals as new trustees for the AGI Foundation (AGIF). The Institute welcomes Jennifer M. Erich, Alma H. Paty, and Chandler T. Wilhelm, each of whom joins a distinguished group of scientists and professionals who share a strong commitment to the geoscience community.
Ms. Jennifer Erich is approaching the 20-year mark in a successful career with ExxonMobil, where she has served in both technical and leadership roles. As a petrophysicist, Jennifer was involved in the planning and evaluation of many exploration and development wells and later became a prospect seismic interpreter in production. She later supervised teams in the Formation Evaluation group, Argentina, and West Africa. In 2014 she became an International Commercial Negotiator and recently joined the Business Development Leadership Team to enhance ExxonMobil's strategic relationships.  She also focuses on mentoring young women and supports I&D initiatives in the company.
Ms. Alma Paty has lived and worked in Washington, D.C., for over 30 years. From her time as a Committee staffer on Capitol Hill to foundation/nonprofit management, Paty brings a wide range of experience to her consulting company, A Capital Resource. With a strong science background, Ms. Paty worked for many years in the natural resources arena, including the nuclear waste division of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the House Interior Committee, and the National Mining Association. Paty was a co-author of AGI's Minerals - Foundations of Society. Currently, Ms. Paty is the Executive Director of the American Coal Foundation.
Mr. Chandler Wilhelm is a successful petroleum geologist and organizational leader with 36 years of experience in exploration and appraisal in domestic and international arenas. His significant achievements include helping to restructure Shell's global exploration business (1999), maturing, drilling, and appraising several of Shell's most significant deepwater discoveries (2000-03), directing the first 3-D streamer seismic surveys ever acquired in U.S. Arctic waters (2006-07), delivering the first successful non-North American Unconventionals venture for Shell in Argentina (2012-17), and then helping turn that unprofitable business unit into a successful growth enterprise (2012-17).
AGIF Executive Director P. Patrick Leahy expressed his excitement at the new additions to the AGI Foundation: "We are honored to welcome these three outstanding individuals to AGIF at an especially critical time for both the geosciences and the Institute. AGIF Trustees are invaluable to AGI's activities and success, and we are grateful for their stalwart support."
AGIF Trustees serve a term of three years. See a full list of AGIF Trustees at
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The AGI Foundation (AGIF) assists the AGI in seeking funding and partnerships with foundations, corporations, other organizations, and individuals that share AGI's commitment to create innovative Earth science programs of benefit to all citizens. The Foundation provides start-up, development, or matching funds for AGI programs approved by AGIF Trustees. Trustees represent a broad spectrum of geoscience interests and industries, including petroleum, mining, environmental, engineering, government, and education, and their primary role is to raise funds for specific programs.
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